A Day in the Life of Mr. Fennessy

A Day in the Life of Mr. Fennessy
A Day in the Life of Mr. Fennessy

First, he wakes up around 5:00 or 6:00, but like everyone else Mr. Fennessy enjoys hitting the snooze button a couple of times. He then gets ready for the day by saying a prayer: "God, please be with me and help me through the day." He gets his three kids--Helen, Jack, and Joe--dressed and gives them breakfast. He enjoys coffee with cream. When we asked Mr. Fennessy where he likes his coffee from, he replied, "Always Fuel." So he stops at Fuel, then heads to the school to start his day.

Throughout the day, Mr. Fennessy loves to watch the learning happen. In the morning he says "Hi" to some of the students passing by his office. You might see him walk into your classroom when he has some free time. His favorite subjects are literature and history. He prefers that the teachers don't stop teaching when he walks in because it makes him feel like he is interrupting, but if the teacher starts the conversation, he will keep it going.

Getting to see all the kids learning and the teachers teaching is the fun part of Mr. Fennessy's day. Although the hardest and the least fun part about being a principal is all of the never-ending emails he has to reply to and the many, many meetings he has to go to. He refers to his email inbox as a "bottomless pit." He tries not to reply to all the emails but have a face-to-face conversation when possible. The many meetings he has are normally with his other administration members like Ms. Zadra and Ms. Bever. He also has them with alumni, supporters, and parents.

Everybody knows that lunch is the best time of the day, and all of us get to enjoy it in the lunchroom where we can get chips or any drinks we want. Mr. Fennessy enjoys doing that too, but usually eats in his office. His favorite hot lunch from the lunchroom is Taco Tuesday.

Obviously, Mr. Fennessy is very busy, so his day does not end at 3:00 like most of us. For him, times really vary. Sometimes he'll leave around 2:45, but that's only when it's Tuesday. Other times it can even be around 9:45PM. Whenever Mr. Fennessy gets off early, he uses it thoughtfully and goes straight home to spend time with his wife, Anne, and his three kids.

After living Mr. Fennessy's life for a day, we realized that it's very hard and takes a lot of work. So the next time you think of envying his job, think again.

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