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Catholic Schools Week Reflection: Alumni Over the Years

Catholic Schools Week Reflection: Alumni Over the Years
Catholic Schools Week Reflection: Alumni Over the Years

Saint Joseph gave me a strong foundation for faith, continued learning, and confidence. St Joe's taught me to be curious. My curiosity along with a loving mentor, Mary McKillop, enabled me to pursue a nursing career where I had the skill and confidence to improve health care delivery on a national scale.

- Mary Ghilione, '69

St. Joe's has provided me with lifelong friendships and truly given me a sense of community with my classmates. These relationships are a huge building block in the foundation of my life. Friends come and friends go, but my St. Joe's friends last for life.
- John Sauvage, '74

My most influential teachers at St. Joe's encouraged curiosity across disciplines and instilled foundational problem solving tools. Fortunately, my sense of wonder continues, and I believe that my critical thinking/discerning capabilities (so relevant today) can be traced back to my earliest days at St Joe's.
- Andy Read, '80

St. Joseph school has given me confidence, community, education, faith and lifelong friendships. St. Joseph is my family's past, present and future! I'm blessed to be a part of this amazing school and church and feel more blessed that my kids will share in this type of upbringing! You can never have those things I have mentioned above taken away from you and you will benefit from having them in your family life and careers! My strongest prayers and blessings go out to those teaching and serving our children! God bless!
- Valerie Buono Spannaus, '84

St. Joe's was a warm community that enriched my potential by incorporating Catholic values into my everyday life. I have chosen to pursue a career involving serving others as a therapist for autistic children because of the values and faith that St. Joes gave me.
- Whitney Verhoff, '06

St Joe's helped me see my potential by academically challenging me at a young and age. The staff inspired me to try my hardest whether it was in math class or in the art room; and because of that I saw success at a young age which gave me the thought, maybe I am bright! I've capitalized on those early successes through continuing to push myself in college because I know I can rise to any occasion academically.
- Matthew Rudd, '09

The St. Joe's community gave me a chance to learn and grow in an environment where I could gain confidence. This confidence has helped me attack challenges head on and feel prepared for college and the next stage of my life.
- Eilis Eschweiler '13

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