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Drama Onstage
Drama Onstage

The Wizard of Oz is about a young girl from Kansas, named Dorothy. She gets caught in a tornado and ends up in the land of Oz. In order to get home, she must find the powerful wizard, Oz. On her journey she bumps into munchkins and meets Glinda the Good Witch, who instructs her to take the yellow brick road. She, along with her dog Toto, meets a cowardly lion, the tin man, and a scarecrow.

"Not only do I enjoy acting, but I enjoy making new friends who are outgoing and like me. We bond together as a group and enjoy fun and silly experiences that make school life complete," says Emma Brooksbank, starring as Dorothy in the upcoming Wizard of Oz play.

Some actors in drama say that the hardest part of drama was the competition for each role in the audition process, and becoming the character. "The audition process was not super hard," Brooksbank claims excitedly. "Memorizing monologues is usually pretty easy, but getting the character down can be hard. There is definitely some stiff competition, but it is always worth trying out just for the fun of it. Drama is worth being a part of."

Allie Pettijohn, starring as Glinda the Good Witch, takes the role very seriously. ¨When I become a character," she says, "I try to fully become them and look at the world through their point of view. Without doing so, I feel as though you can't truly be that character.¨

Now that the play is coming closer and closer, actors are feeling the pressure of fully knowing their lines and stage presence. Mrs. Carlsen instructs them to bring notebooks and become fully prepared and engaged for the challenge ahead. In order to get everything done, the actors have to attend rehearsal after school and during lunch.

With the play so near, the actors are seeing how being in it has influenced them. Some are more confident in front of people than others. Jack Crisera justifies this by sharing how being in the play has helped him get rid of his "slight fear" of public speaking. Even though it was a "tough process," he says, "it was totally worth it in the end."

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