Friday Night Lights: The History and Future of Ski Bus

Friday Night Lights: The History and Future of Ski Bus
Friday Night Lights: The History and Future of Ski Bus

During the Friday evenings, 6th-8th graders are able to participate in skiing or snowboarding, as long as they sign up by the deadline. After Pat Grimm's, the former director of this program, children graduated, Ms. Clance Casad decided to step up to the plate. As the director, her job is to organize buses, and purchase lift tickets and food vouchers.

Sophia Zaboukos, a two year running member of the 7th grade ski bus, says that her favorite part of the experience is "being able to hang out with [her] friends until 10 o'clock and ski with them." When asked whether or not ski bus has improved her skiing, she replied saying that "[her] friends help [her] to step outside of her comfort zone." We also asked Zaboukos if she had realized anything about her peers from this non-academic program. She mentioned that "some of them are a lot more athletic than [she] had thought," and "there are some risk-takers."

Another member of ski bus said that they really look forward to ski bus because they are usually very bored on Friday nights and ski bus gives them something to do. When we asked a group of students what kind of attitude there was around the actual bus ride they said, "It is all really friendly. Everyone is very nice. Everyone becomes friends on ski bus."

"I ended up running the ski bus because no other parent wanted to take over. It was going to dissolve so I chose to save the bus and take on this large task," says Clance Casad. If we did not have the ski bus, many students at St. Joseph's School would not have the opportunity to experience their favorite sport with their favorite people. Ski bus truly is a gift to our student body.

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