Hidden Highlights

Hidden Highlights
Hidden Highlights

The keen kindergarteners have done plenty of work in the year, but they especially enjoyed learning about salmon. Fipe W. and Marco K. told us "I like when they lose their bellies (pouch), and we can start feeding them." Even though the salmon didn't make it, it was an important lesson about the ecosystem and the environment.

The fantastic first graders took an adventure straight from their classroom to Australia. "We learned all about the animals, jobs, and art" said Penn H. and Helena C. If these intelligent kids ever made the real journey to Australia, they would be expert tour guides.

The superior second graders are full speed ahead in learning about the animals of the rain forest. Liam M. and Maria O. stated, "The highlight of the rainforest animal report was decorating the cover of the book." They also liked learning about their animal's diet. The second graders definitely say it was their favorite project of the year!

The terrific third graders are very excited to tell us about the solar system! Scarlet W. said, "I like how we get to express the solar system in our own view." "In the project we got to do a lot of stuff and present to the whole class," stated Hugh L. If only they could do the report again, so we could see the students in action.

The fabulous fourth graders time traveled back into the early 1800's to learn about the historic event, the Oregon Trail. Not only did the students get to learn about the Oregon Trail, but they got to experience it in a whole new way! Kate H. and Alex Y. said that they especially enjoyed making the wagon with their group and said, "I liked all the fun activities we did."

The fun fifth graders got to experience a whole new environment and a new book at the same time with the Survival Walk to Read Unit. Henry D. told us he really liked reading his book and learning about surviving in the wild in Mrs. McDonald's Walk to Read class. My Side of the Mountain is all about a boy named Sam who runs away from home and survives in the Catskill Mountains in a hemlock tree. These students could definitely survive a summer in the woods, with the facts they learned from the book.

The superstar sixth graders are blowing up the school with their physics experiments. They had the opportunity to learn all about Newton's Laws of motion. "All of the kids stay awake in the course of physics," says Mr. Woletz. "The best part of the unit is the boat races." In the races the sixth graders have to apply all the knowledge they have learned about Newton's Laws to make their boat speed through the water.

The sparkling seventh graders are helping out the community by donating not only money and food, but their time! Mika H. stated, "It feels good. We go to the women's shelter. We get to help them, and they are very appreciative." She also enjoys walking to the shelter with her group. The seventh graders split into different advisory groups to do their outreach adventure.

The enthusiastic eighth graders had a blast in the Big Apple and the country's capital. "I enjoyed the 911 museum, hanging out with friends and becoming closer to them," said Henri W. "It feels weird that the DC and New York trip is one of my last times seeing my friends because I have known most of them since 2nd grade." The eighth graders went to many museums and attractions along the way!

We can forget the past so easily. Some memories may be hard to remember, so we hope when you read this article, some of your memories will come flooding back.

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