Jumping Through Hoops

Jumping Through Hoops
Jumping Through Hoops

This year the CYO 7th grade boys varsity team had a successful season in many ways. This team made the playoffs because of their wonderful coaches Mr.Vial, David Rothrock, Mr. Rule, and Mr. Vila. The coaches' patient attitudes helped the boys have a rewarding season.

Many times in this season they faced challenges. The biggest ones were definitely the close games. For example, the St. Joseph boys made a stellar 20 point comeback against St. Teresa when the odds were still not in their favor. Even though they lost that game, the boys still kept playing and never gave up. With the

coaches' support, the boys were able to execute a well played game.

We asked a varsity player how he wanted his teammates to remember him and Austin Harnetiaux said, "I want my teammates to remember me by my leadership. The boys basketball team had many different personalities, but when they got on the court together, they all blended perfectly.

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