Never Give Up

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

This type of excitement has been felt on Sundays with our very own St. Joseph middle school baseball team. There are a variety of players on the 5th-6th grade team. They play their games at Judkins field with their practices on Mondays.

Some of the players like Jack Johnson say they started playing ball because their parents did. Others like Seamus O'leary Alspach did it because their family members love watching baseball.

For Jack Rosenberger, he believes that baseball isn't all about winning. As Jack explained, "Out here, it's not about winning or losing, sitting or playing, or how many at bats you get. Sure, it's fun to win a game here and there, but that's not what it's all about. It is about building character with your teammates and coaches, and giving your best effort, and your best attitude, and bringing that to the diamond. That's what counts." Matt Johnson, the coach of the St.Joseph baseball team, started coaching because his dad coached his baseball team. The coach loves seeing players try something that they might not have ever done and succeeding at it.

Even though the team did not win all of their games, everyone had fun and were good sports. Most of all, the 5th and 6th grade CYO boys baseball team never gave up.

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