Open Letter to Future Student Council Members & Voters

Open Letter to Future Student Council Members & Voters
Open Letter to Future Student Council Members & Voters

Dear 2017-2018 Student Council,

After learning more about the Student Council this year, we wanted to share some ideas for the next year's Student Council to improve and make our school a better place. Here are the ideas that came from meeting with the current Student Council members.

  • The Student Council is a good opportunity to learn some leadership skills.
  • Ideas for changes at the school need to be realistic.
  • It is best to focus on one thing or idea.
  • Student Council members need to know that there may be limitations to their ideas.
  • Students interested in running should understand that there is a difference between campaigning and actually getting things done. Ideas during the campaign time might not be taken as seriously and speeches should be realistic.
  • If you are interested in a leadership role at the school and have some realistic ideas, just go for it. As the current President, Will Thompson, said, "Face your fears" and run because it is fun.
  • Create an organized system for the meetings that you have for the class representatives. The current Student Council learned that once the groups of representatives moved into groups, the meetings were more successful.
  • The current Student Council would encourage both girls and boys to run for positions.
  • Thank you to the current Student Council members for their leadership and desire to improve the school. As the president, Will, told us, the current members hope the next year's students "try harder than us to put forth their ideas."

    We have also learned that it's not only up to the Student Council but also the voters. Many students vote for people based on siblings, gender, or friend preferences. We're not saying you shouldn't vote for them but vote for people based on their honesty, responsibility, and realism.

    We look forward to the possibilities that next year's team brings to the students and school.

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