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Staff Spotlight: Ms. James

Staff Spotlight: Ms. James
Staff Spotlight: Ms. James

Ms. James grew up in Puyallup and attended All Saints Catholic School. She performed in choir in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. She was inspired by her mom to become a grade school choir teacher and become a performer. As a child she played many sports, including soccer, gymnastics, basketball and baseball.

When she gets a chance, she performs at the Tacoma Opera, or does solos in churches. Recently, she landed the role as a lead in the opera, Dangerous Liaisons. This Summer, she is also the lead in an opera at a nearby college.

Overall, Ms. James enjoys educating students with the art of music, so they can have an imagination and create their own music. She wants to have a class where kids do not think of it as a class they have to take, but one they get to take. Lastly, she wants to inspire kids to love and learn the magical skill of art and music.

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