Staff Spotlight:Senorita Milasich

Staff Spotlight:Senorita Milasich
Staff Spotlight:Senorita Milasich

This year we have an amazing new addition to our staff, Senorita Milasich! As you can guess from her name she is our new Spanish teacher, and she brings a diverse background of experiences to the school community. Senorita has an important role in not only teaching kids the language but also teaching the Spanish culture. As a Spanish teacher, she wants to make sure that all of the kids are learning and having fun. Her favorite word in Spanish is "por ejemplo" which means "for example." She likes it because of how it sounds.

Senorita Milasich is not only a great teacher, but she also has played soccer competitively for 23 years! That's definitely payed off because for any of you Seattle Reign fans, Senorita was recruited to the team. Due to injuries, she sadly can't play soccer anymore. But this accomplished teacher is surely a great role model for this school.

As a child, Senorita Milasich wanted to be a zoologist, but as she began to travel the world, her dream job changed. She has lived in many different Spanish-speaking countries including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Spain. Senorita also knows many different languages like Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, and some Portuguese. If she could live in any place in the whole world, Senorita Milasich would choose

Buenos Aires, Argentina because it's a big, beautiful city. Spanish is a very important part of Senorita Milasich's life, and she hopes one day it will become very important to her students. St. Joseph is lucky to have a world language class because it brings many benefits to the future of the students.

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