Student Council

Student Council
Student Council

The job of the President is to make final decisions, the Vice President is there to give ideas and thoughts to the President, the Secretary takes notes and keep business in order, and the Treasurer keeps records of the money.

To become one of the four positions in the Student Council, you must have good grades, be respectful, be a leader, and of course, campaign for votes. When you are in the Student Council, you must continue to represent yourself as a respectful member of the community, keep the good grades, and be a leader in and out of school.

Some of the things the Student Council have done this year is organize Spirit Days, sometimes themed, and organize Spirit Week. Not all of the Student Council ideas are appropriate, though, like t-shirt cannons or selling free-dress tickets to the students.

Has the Student Council done any of that? Well, the decisions Student Council makes can affect the entire school, so they have a big responsibility, and they must take it seriously.

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