The Exit from Common Sense

The Exit from Common Sense
The Exit from Common Sense

While the U.K. has decided to divorce itself from the European Union, the E.U. has softened its public stance on Brexit, allowing talks on a new relationship before the divorce proceedings are complete. The U.K.'s troubled relationships haven't only been with the European Union, however; they have also come to several complications with Ireland over their land border. Although the Republic of Ireland is still a part of the E.U., Northern Ireland is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, causing an extreme inconvenience to the estimated 30,000 commuters that cross over the border between the North and South daily.

Not only has the United Kingdom come to controversy with the Republic of Ireland, but their real problem now is keeping the sovereignty of Gibraltar, a small island nation located off the southern coast of Spain. While Gibraltar has fallen under the U.K.'s sovereignty since 1704 when they took control of "the rock," Gibraltarians have passed a vote by 96% to stay in the European Union even though the United Kingdom has decided to leave. Ever since the Brexit vote passed on June 23rd, 2016, Spain and the U.K. have been in a non-violent verbal war over which country will gain or keep control of the island nation. United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (former mayor of London) has said in a recent interview that "the sovereignty of Gibraltar is unchanged and is not going to change." Spain has recently made comments stating that they are appalled by the U.K.'s passive aggressive remarks over the war over the nation.

While the current stance of Brexit has caused a decline in the public's interest, its most significant downfall has been that of the value of the pound (currency). On June 23rd, 2016 (the date of the Brexit vote) the value of the pound stood at $1.48. Overnight, its value dropped to $1.32, continuing to fall in the trailing months after the voting date to a mere $1.22. This 26 cent drop over only the course of only a few months has already caused disruptions in the ever-falling stock market of the United Kingdom.

Similar to the fears of the American public, that of the British were the driving force behind this vote. According to a survey taken by The Huffington Post, U.K. citizens of 65 years of age and older passed the vote 60% to 40%, while a mere 19% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in favor of exiting the Common Market. However, some say that the elderly weren't the only ones at fault, stating that "Brexit is a historical blip, a rash decision made by an uninformed electorate after a vicious and one-sided campaign" (TIME Magazine's "The New World Order: Every Country for Itself").

While no citizen of the United Kingdom saw it coming, the aftermath of Brexit--even at this early of a stage--has been catastrophic, affecting millions of its inhabitants and crowning no victor.

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