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Virtue of the Week: Love

Virtue of the Week: Love
Virtue of the Week: Love

The virtue of LOVE represents human kindness, compassion, and affection.

This week's virtue is appropriate because it falls in the week we celebrate Valentine's Day!

St. Valentine was a priest who secretly married couples during a time when the emperor of Rome forbid marriage. St. Valentine knew that God wanted all people to LOVE each other with all their heart.

You can be like St. Valentine by spreading LOVE to all. Pass on a smile, be kind, say hello, lend a hand, these are all examples of LOVE.

AS KB says:

*Love is friends.

*Love is hugging.

*Love is your family.

*Love is you loving somebody.

*Love is being kind and helpful.

*Love is when people love you.

*Love is when you care about someone.

*Love is when you like someone a lot.

*Love is when you love people & they can love you.

*Love is about loving your mom.

*Love is where you really love someone and it feels good.

*Love is where you love your parents & you do nice things for your friends & love them.

*Love is something that people want to give - like kisses - that is love.

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