On behalf of the Parent Association Board, welcome to new and returning families. The Parent Association Board (PAB) consists of 13 members, all parents or caregivers of St. Joseph School students. The goal of the PAB is to promote and strengthen an environment of hospitality and community among parents, students, teachers and administrators.

Throughout the year, our Board organizes several social activities, parent educational/speaker programs and extracurricular student programs to promote excellence in our school.

Board members are appointed to three-year terms, with new appointments taking place each April. For information about joining the Board, contact the PAB Secretary.

We invite all members of the school community to get involved or attend school or PAB sponsored events. Login to the parent portal for up-to-date information and PAB reminders.

The current roster of Parent Association Board members is listed below, additional contact information can be found in the school directory. Feel free to contact any of the PAB members with questions, suggestions, or to get involved. You are also invited to provide feedback via the online suggestion board or by emailing

Family Handbook

PAB Roster

Parent Board Association (PAB)

Stephanie O’Connell


6th & 8th
LeAna Alvarado-Smith

Vice President & President ElectK & 2nd

Piri Welcsh

Welcoming Committee Liaison
Parent Education Event
2nd & 7th
Joe Augustavo

Parish Picnic Volunteer Coordinator
Sunday Coffee Coordinator

4th & 6th

Najat Cola

Parent Educational Activities3rd & 6th

Kendra Goldbas

Finance Committee Representative

Paul Gomez

Community Involvement Coordinator2nd & 4th

David Hein

Endowment Board Representative
Community Social Activities Co-Chair
Marcia Hood

Volunteer Coordinator4th & 7th
Stephen McGrath

Student Programs4th

Aime Mitchell

Room Parent CoordinatorK & 4th
Giselle Pavlovec

School Commission Representative6th

Molly Shearer

Communications Coordinator2nd, 4th & 6th
Laura Vida

Advancement Committee Representative
Community Social Activities Co-Chair
Middle School Dance Chair
6th & 8th

Lost & Found

St. Joseph School’s Lost & Found is located on the lower level of the Middle School Building adjacent to the Lunchroom and BASEP. Items are collected from the playground, gym, etc. and brought to the Lost & Found area. It may take a few days for items to reach Lost & Found so please check back. If your student’s items are labeled clearly with their name/classroom, they will be returned to them via the School Office and their teacher. If there is no name, items will be kept in the Lost & Found area for approximately one month. School uniform items will be located on the counter and other personal items in the bin to the left. Unclaimed personal items will then donated to St. Francis House or St. Vincent de Paul. Unclaimed school uniforms will be given to/for the Used Uniform Sale. If you have checked and still cannot find your lost item, please contact our Lost & Found Coordinator who can check further.

Used Uniform Donation

St. Joseph’s School offers used uniforms for sale at specified times throughout the year. If your student has outgrown their uniform or has transitioned from Primary to Middle School, used uniforms may be dropped off at the School Office. Please make sure any donations are clean/laundered, in good condition (no tears or stains) and have any prior student names crossed off. St. Vincent de Paul does accept school logo items and clothing with tears or stains that cannot be donated for the used uniform sale.

Traffic & Parking Procedures

Each morning and afternoon, over 500 families drop off and pick up their children in the middle of an urban neighborhood. Please be considerate of our neighbors, as well as your fellow parents, and follow the Parking and Traffic Procedures; they are necessary for everyone’s safety.

  • Please do not double park on 18th Ave. Drivers may not drop off or pick up students on 18th Ave unless their car is parked in a legal parking space right next to the curb. No double-parking or stopping. Do not drop off or pick up in the traffic circle at 18th & Roy or within 30 feet of the corners (see posted signs). Students coming from, or going to, cars parked on the west side of 18th Ave must use the crosswalks at either end of the block to cross 18th Ave.
  • Please do not use cell phones while driving. Unless they are either parked or dialing 911, drivers may not use cell phones on the school driveways or in the parking lot.
  • When entering the Parking Lot use the entry drive on 19th Ave. across from Tully's Coffee. Please refer to the diagram at the bottom of the page or as a PDF. This is a one-way drive (entry only). In the afternoon, do not enter the parking lot until after 2:30 p.m. (1:45 p.m. on Tuesdays). PLEASE NOTE: We get complaints about backups on 19th Ave. caused by cars waiting to enter the parking lot. City law prohibits blocking by cars waiting to turn left between intersections. If the entry driveway is full of cars, and if that line is not moving, please drive around the block and try again, rather than delay 19th Ave traffic indefinitely. Circling the block will allow the backed-up traffic to clear safely (instead of trying to speed around you), and the line should open up by the time you circle back. Please refer to the diagram below for any confusion.
  • Drivers have two choices at the top of the entrance drive:
    1. Quick Drop-Off and Pick Up. Keep to the right to make a quick drop-off or pick- up along the curb next to the school. There are two lanes: the curbside lane is for stopping to allow students to hop in or out; the outer lane is for leaving after drop- off/pick-up or for moving forward to an empty spot in the curb lane. For drop-off and pick-up, pull as far forward as you can without entering the exit drive (between the gym and school) or the crosswalk. Please make sure your students are ready to hop out quickly, and do not leave your car unattended. If you need to help your students into the school building, park in the lot.
    2. Parking in the Lot. To park in the lot, make a hard left turn at the top of the ramp. Unless otherwise directed, park according to the parking order diagram found below. For Rows 1-3 and 5, start each row at the far south end (toward the gym), and work northward toward the Church. Please do not skip spaces.
  • Leaving the Parking Lot. Please do not leave cars parked in the lot after 8:30 a.m. Exit to the south via the driveway between the gym and school, into Roy Street. During peak times, if an immediate left turn on Roy is impossible due to a back up, turn right on Roy to keep traffic moving behind you. Likewise, if you are stuck at the corner of Roy and 19th and northbound traffic on 19th is backed up, consider turning right on 19th instead of left (or continuing straight across on Roy); this will really help clear traffic stacking up behind you. It is critical that we prevent gridlock in the exit.
  • Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open. Above all else, pay attention to what you and other drivers are doing. Pay attention to parking attendants and crossing guards. Drive SLOWLY. Use your mirrors. Watch for those white "backing up" lights. Remind your students to: look for moving traffic before opening car doors; open and close car doors with care; WALK, never run, during drop-off and pick-up; be watchful of moving cars; and use the crosswalks.