St. Joseph Parish

St. Joseph School is the chief educational ministry of St. Joseph Parish. For more information about the Parish, please visit the parish homepage.

Whenever the early Jesuits would enter a new town, they would look for the busiest corner, and there they would set up shop. Unlike older, monastic orders, they did not seek mountaintops or secluded alcoves to set themselves aside in prayer; rather, these followers of Ignatius sought crossroads, believing that here—amid the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, amid the glorious racket of God’s creatures—the surprising grace of God was most truly to be found.

St. Joseph declares that we are women and men on fire through the presence of Christ in our midst, and committed to follow Christ in the active love and personal service of all of our sisters and brothers. Coming from various places and traditions, from a variety of social, economic, and political backgrounds, we have found our way to this crossroads, to this place of God’s Holy Spirit. Some come seeking greater depth in their life of prayer; some, greater understanding of the faith they profess; some desire a values-based education for their children; some, a place of beauty and respite in a difficult world; some seek to do justice with others; some do not yet know what they seek, but come from habit, or tradition, or an inchoate longing in their heart. Yet, all who come with hope, are touched by the grace of the One who loved us first.

We welcome you, and bless you, and open our door to you, for the greater glory of God.

Yours in the Lord,
John D. Whitney, S.J.