St. Joseph Parish


St. Joseph School is the chief educational ministry of St. Joseph Parish. For more information about the Parish, please visit the parish homepage.

St. Joseph Church and St. Joseph School are intrinsically bound together in purpose and mission. From the century-old origins of our parish, the community of St. Joseph Parish has been an example of God’s presence in the world. Ignited by the Eucharist to love & serve, we are called to a passionate and personal relationship with God and our world. With 600+ children enrolled at the school, and 350+ families involved in parish religious education, we are proud of the bedrock of education that the parish and school jointly provide.

We welcome you, whether you are a school parent, a parishioner, or both. From St. Joseph Parish and School, we extend a welcome of peace and blessings to you from the bottom of our hearts.

Yours in Christ,
Glen Butterworth, S.J.