School Committees

Below is a listing of the school committees. Each committee serves as partners, collaborators and advisors to the Head of School and Pastor. School commission and committee members serve a three-year term and ensure that the mission of St. Joseph School is maintained, nurtured and brought into the future.

(*) represents chair of the committee


LeAna Alvarado-SmithVicki, Anderson-Ellis
John Dolson
Patrick FennessyCourtney Heily
Laura KelleyAndrea Lines
April LittleKris Moore
Michael MullallyKim Nisbet
Sean O'Donnell *Larry Ward
Fr. John Whitney


Advancement Committee

Katie Abstoss
Kendall Ault
Cecilia Cayetano
Juan Cotto
Mary Dawson
Dottie Farewell
Patrick Fennessy
Rebecca Frisino
Caroline Hauge
Marcia Hood
Mary Ann Huddleston
Paul Huddleston
Jamie Mills
Tina O'Brien (*)
Jim Schneider
Shannon Schneider
Jennifer Wood

Building & Grounds Committee


Max Andrews
Brian Arnold (*)
Jeannine Christofilis
Rebecca Frisino
James Hunter
Yuri Kondraytuk
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Finance Committee

Gregory Dunfield

Patrick Fennessy

Rosalie Franklin
Teddy Johnson
Laura Kelley
Stephen McGrath
Michael Rubel
Erika Stafford

Parent Board Association (PAB)

Parent Board Association (PAB)

LeAna Alvarado-Smith
Joe Augustavo
Hass Babaie
Meaghan Carroll
Cecilia Cayetano
Najat Cola
Amy Cooper
Jeff Hawkins
David Hein
Marcia Hood
Stephen McGrath
Andrea Lines
Aime Mitchell
Molly Shearer
Laura Vida
Iga Zyzanska