School-Wide Learning Expectations

The School-wide Learning Expectations define for us the spiritual, academic, social and emotional characteristics that a St. Joseph School student will work towards, develop, and attain throughout his/her years of attendance.

A St. Joseph Jesuit Catholic School Student is:

1. A faith filled person who:

1.1 Engages in prayer to nurture a personal relationship with God
1.2 Worships through participation in the Mass/liturgical celebrations
1.3 Practices Gospel values through service and demonstrating empathy and compassion towards others
1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of Catholic faith, traditions and teachings

2. A curious and confident learner who:
2.1 Understands and connects content of all subjects
2.2 Communicates effectively and responsibly in a variety of ways
2.3 Demonstrates effective learning habits, organizational skills and time management
2.4 Applies critical thinking and creativity in different situations

2.5 Uses technology as a resource for learning

3. A person of integrity who:
3.1 Takes responsibility for one’s actions
3.2 Makes thoughtful and moral choices
3.3 Practices personal and academic honesty

4. A contributing member of our global community who:
4.1 Seeks understanding of other cultures
4.2 Actively participates in community service projects
4.3 Responsibly cares for natural resources
4.4 Works cooperatively with others