Academic Support

Academic Support Overview

What is Academic Support at St. Joseph School?

The LRC learning specialists acknowledge and appreciate the unique and varied learning profiles of our students. The learning specialists in grades K-8 work 1:1 or in small groups to strengthen skills and support academic success in reading, written language and/or math. As students discover how they learn best, they begin to develop effective learning skills and strategies, but more importantly, they develop a greater self-awareness and confidence in his or her own ability to learn and grow.

LRC learning specialists collaborate with the classroom teachers.They meet weekly to discuss individual students and effective instructional strategies to monitor accommodation plans.In addition, the LRC learning specialists work in the classroom each week to monitor and support individual students in their classroom setting.

Academic support in grades K-5 provides intervention for students who need to accelerate their math, reading and language acquisition skills.Additionally, we address the needs of students whose attention and memory functions may also be affecting their school performance.Instructional services are provided during the school day.The learning specialist coordinates with the classroom teacher to find the optimum time the students can miss class to attend the LRC.

Academic support in grades 6-8 focuses on three main areas: supporting classroom instruction through collaboration with the teachers, monitoring individual students’ accommodation plans, and teaching executive function skills.Students who are scheduled to come to the LRC waive Spanish class to receive small group support.