7th Grade

Students rise into to seventh grade with the excitement that comes with rotating classes, their own locker space, and the exploratory program. Rigorous academics and community service learning through the advisory program are avenues to transform students into prepared 8th grade graduates.

7th grade curriculum


7th grade Religion covers a number of different topics. In the 7th grade, students cover the New Testament, re-visit the Sacraments, and focus on the teachings and meaning of the Creed. Throughout the year, there is an emphasis on the Liturgy, the Liturgical Calendar, the sacred times of Advent and Lent, and what it means to Live as a Catholic Christian in the world today.

All 7th and 8th grade Religion students participate in the Jesuit tradition, the Examen. This is a daily prayer that was practiced by St. Ignatius of Loyola. In this prayer you reflect on your day:

  • Relax and become aware of God's presence.
  • Give thanks for an experience during the day.
  • Review your day - experiences, thoughts, interactions.
  • Acknowledge your strengths and face your short comings - What went well and what didn't go the way you wanted it to go?
  • Look toward the day to come - Ask for God's guidance for the new day so that you can be who you are meant to be.

Language Arts

7th grade English Language Arts (ELA) will engage students in intensive hands-on writing instruction to model and demystify the writing process; teach students about audience and purpose in writing; encourage growth through meaningful feedback; and use their understanding of grammar, usage, and mechanics to produce written pieces that address Common Core learning standards.


7th grade literature students build inward from the 6th grade focus of compassion and empathy toward an understanding of self and personal identity. Using literature as a platform to discover and relate to ourselves, the 7th grade curriculum asks students to find connections between the characters we study and their own hearts and minds as they grow as members and leaders of a local and global community. Simultaneously, students use their class reading as mentor texts, experimenting with the same literary, poetic, and rhetorical devices they identify and analyze in their own writing. Weaving together Common Core reading and writing standards, the 7th grade literature curriculum encourages authentic dialogue between peers, rigorous analysis, and a personal application of each theme to each student's unique life experience.


Each class will focus on the common core standards. Focus in the 7th grade will intertwine mathematical skills: numerical calculations, algebraic manipulation, spatial visualization, measurement and estimation, with numerical, algebraic, geometrical, analytical concepts. Students will enhance their reasoning, communication and thinking skills by monitoring their learning. The course will cover the number system by applying previous knowledge of operations on rational numbers, expressions and equations by applying properties of the operations and solving equations, geometry through constructing and describing the relationship of the figures, and statistics by applying information gathered to draw inferences.


7th grade History focuses on ancient civilization, world geography, Washington State history and the development of modern society over time. Students develop skill in reading primary documents and learn how to read historical text critically and effectively while simultaneously developing research skills.


Grade Seven Science is a year-long, standards-based course in Earth Science. Its purpose is to activate the intellectual curiosity of adolescent learners about their world and the wonders of science. Students develop their inquiry skills as they explore science concepts. Students will be asked to observe, infer, predict, collect data, communicate, collaborate, and problem solve around Earth Science topics.

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George Finn

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Scott Hess

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Charlie Wood

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