The art program at St. Joseph School is a rich part of every grade level. Students demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of design using a variety of media. Students engage and explore a variety of art forms, balance creativity with skill development and express themselves through multiple art forms. All students have dedicated time for art each week.

The art program is brought to life by the instructor, Molly Crocker, whether through classroom projects, exploratory class or 8th grade projects. Mrs. Crocker brings years of experience in the art world with a passion for teaching and bringing out the artistic in every student.

Mrs. Crocker coordinates the In Touch with Art Program (ITWA), a parent-run art enrichment program, started by the Parent Board in 1988. The program's objective is to enhance art appreciation and artistic expression in the students through informal discussion and hands-on activities led by parents. Parents (aka docents) work with the teachers to tie the art presentation and project to the curriculum. Click to learn more about ITWA.

It's always fun to go to art class with Mrs. Crocker. We get to use paint, watercolors and really get our hands dirty, making different kinds of art.
- O'Shea, Grade 4