The Spanish Program at St. Joseph School aims to prepare students to be globally aware citizens while introducing every student to the basics of the language including proficiency in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness.

Through the study of the Spanish language Señora Robles (K-4) and Señorita Milasich (5-8) invite students to understand their roles as members of the global community while gaining a greater respect for Spanish

Students in the K-4 Spanish program develop confidence and enthusiasm as they participate in enriching activities that foster effective communication, pronunciation, and Spanish literacy skills. Students also gain an appreciation for the history and richness of Spanish-speaking cultures as they work toward basic proficiency.

In grades 5-8 students practice conversational Spanish, acquire new vocabulary, discover the many uses of Spanish in real world scenarios and immerse themselves in a diverse and rich culture. Señorita Milasich aims to prepare students with basic conversational Spanish skills, cultural knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries and encourages students to plan future studies abroad. Students enjoy making video projects, creating school pamphlets in Spanish, designing magazine covers with Frida Kahlo and writing lengthy letters to pen pals in Madrid and Malaga, Spain. Middle school students receive instruction 2 times a week for 45 minutes.

We learn about Spanish culture and have a lot of fiestas!
- Gavin, Grade 3