Amazon Smile & Scrip


As a participant in the Amazon Affiliate and Amazon Smile programs, a percentage of your purchase goes to our school, at no additional cost to you. Simply CLICK HERE to sign-in to your Amazon account and place your order as usual. St. Joseph will automatically receive a portion of all sales and a donation from Amazon on all orders placed through this unique link which is a combination of the Affiliate and Smile programs.


Haven’t made St. Joseph School your affiliation yet? Follow these simple directions and we can raise thousands per month!

  1. Go to the SJS home page. In the upper right hand corner, under quick links, click 'Amazon'
  2. If you haven't already, choose your affiliation by searching for "St. Joseph School Seattle."
  3. Shop as usual, Amazon will automatically give a percentage back your purchase back to St. Joseph School.
  4. After you have made SJS your charity of choice make sure the first few times after returning to Amazon that "smile" pops up as an option so those dollars aren't getting thrown away!

*While Amazon Fresh is not part of this program, Amazon Prime Pantry is included.




Scrip is the easiest way for you to raise money for St. Joseph School, once you get in the habit. Unlike other fundraising initiatives, scrip allows you to support the school while making purchases you would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip. This program generates as much as $30,000 per year! View current Scrip card list here.



How can you purchase scrip?

1 – In person. Monday through Friday our team of volunteers’ staffs a table in the school lobby from 8:15am to 9:15am. You may also purchase scrip in the Advancement Office outside of the lobby hours. Physical Cards / Cash or Check

2 – Online, through MyScripWallet. Purchase scrip on-the-go -- at the grocery check-out line, before you pay the restaurant check -- through your mobile device! Physical Cards / Electronic Cards / Reload Physical Cards. To set up your online scrip account, follow the instructions below.




Setup Mobile Scrip

Step 1. Create a profile at Shop With Scrip.

Register as a new user.

  • Join a Scrip Program for families
  • Utilize the St. Joseph enrollment code 

Step 2. Register for Presto Pay

  • Select "Yes I agree" button acknowledging their terms and conditions.
  • Complete your bank withdrawal information.
    You will need your account number, routing number and bank information for this process.
  • Confirming your account information takes a few days. ShowWithScrip will deposit a small amount into your account. Once the deposit is received you can verify your information through their website, where you will be approved.

Step 3. Download MyScripWallet from your mobile device

  • Open the MyScripWallet site in the browser of your mobile phone.
  • On an iPhone, select the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’, then ‘Add’. On Android phones, access the Chrome menu button and select ‘Add to home screen’, then ‘Add’. Click on the icon to access the site just as you would to open an app.

Step 4. SHOP!

Give by mail:
Send checks to:
St. Joseph School
Attn: Advancement
700 18th Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98112

If you have any questions please call 206-329-3260 x244

Ways to Give

Endowment & Planned Giving
To learn more about giving to an endowment fund, or leaving a legacy gift please email the advancement team. The tax ID for St. Joseph School is 91-1109787 and the tax ID for the Endowment is 31-1569292.

Gifts of Stock & Securities
To learn more about stock gifts, please email the advancement team.

Matching Gifts
Many companies will match your gift to St. Joseph. To find out whether your employer will match your gift, contact your human resources department. If you have further questions, please email the advancement team.