Enrichment Classes and Clubs

The Jaguar Club will offer enrichment classes and clubs that will meet for 6-8 weeks every trimester. The classes and clubs are grade specific and will vary throughout the year. Enrichment classes and clubs are open to all current St. Joseph students. Please see below for detailed class descriptions, schedules, or to register.

General questions about enrichment classes or clubs? Please contact Lisa Mansoori, 206.329.3260x229.

2018-2019 Club Schedule

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for class descriptions.

Fall Schedule

Club Grades Day(s) Dates Meeting Location Registration Fee
Art Class 1st-5th Wednesdays
(No Class 10/31)
Classrooms $225
Chess Club K-8th Tuesdays
2:00 - 3:00
(No class 11/20)
Classrooms $100
Cooking Class 1st-4th Thursdays
10/11- 12/6
(No Class 11/22)

Classrooms $365
French K-5th Tuesdays
10/9- 12/18
(No Class 11/20)
Classrooms $150
Art Class
4th-8th Tuesdays
3:15 - 4:15
9/22-10/27 Classrooms $150
Knitting 2nd-4th Wednesdays
(No Class 10/31& 11/21)
Classrooms $185
Machine Sewing 1st-4th Thursdays
(No Class 11/22)

Classrooms $185
Robotics Team 3rd-6th Wednesdays
3:15 - 4:30
10/3-3/6 (No Class 11/22) Classrooms $350

STEAM Club 3rd-6th Tuesdays & Thursdays
(No Class 11/21 &11/23)
Computer Lab No Fee
Private Guitar, Piano, or Voice Lesson K-8th Ongoing Scheduled by instructor Music Room See tab below for details
Beginner Guitar Class4th-8thMondays10/15-12/17 (No Class 11/12 & 11/19)TBD$120

Winter Schedule

Spring Schedule

Fall Registration

Club Descriptions

Chess Club

Club Coordinator: Laura Laun
Sessions: Fall & Winter
Grades: K-8

Whether your child is a seasoned tournament player or has never laid eyes on a chess board, they can enjoy 55 minutes of chess instruction and friendly competition by joining the St Joseph Chess Club. The club meets after school once a week, offered in two sessions throughout the school year, with periodic tournaments against other grade school teams.

We recommend if your child is learning chess for the first time to sign-up for the fall session. The winter session assumes children have learned the basics.

WATT Coding

Club Coordinator: Lisa Mansoori
Grades: 5th grade girls

WATT (Women Advancing Tomorrow's Technologists) Coding - Founded by HNA students who go back into Catholic Schools to teach girls basic coding skills and enhancement of logic skills.

French Club

Club Coordinator: Lisa Mansoori
Grades: K-5

Through active learning and creative play, Véronique Proietto, a native of France, will take her students into the heart of the French language and culture. Each week, a different topic is introduced through fun activities and games that engage children to learn not only the language, but also cultural aspects about France: French food; French impressionists, Monsieur Eiffel and his famous tower, French medieval castles, etc. .

Golf Club

Club Coordinator: Lisa Mansoori
Grades: K-4th

TGA premier brings the golf course to you! Our award-winning curriculum incorporates golf instruction, educational components, and character development lessons in a fun and nurturing environment. Students develop skills and understanding of the game through station-based activities and drills that increase in difficulty throughout our 5-level program. Kid friendly instructors help students develop golf skills and knowledge while using the sport to teach valuable life lessons like honesty and sportsmanship. All equipment is provided. All skill levels are welcome. Come tee it up with TGA

Golf Club will meet once a week in the fall and the spring.

Junior Robotics Club

Junior Robotics Club - The club will introduce the students to robotics. They will design, build, and program their robots. The Club will be utilizing the WeDo 2.0 Lego Educational Sets and be working on iPads to program their creations.

Lego Club

Club Coordinator: Laura Laun

We will be using Legos to help students structure stories using their imagination and language to create, tell, write and visualize their stories using Legos. We will bring STEM principles to life by using Legos to explore machines and mechanisms. In addition, we will be using motorized Lego models to allow for hands on experience with basic coding to move their robots or creations. Of course, we will have time for free build unstructured creativity opportunities.

Minecraft Club

Club Coordinator: Laura Laun
Grades: 1-5

Minecraft is a very popular "sandbox" game which allows users to construct things out of blocks in a creative environment. The goal of Minecraft club is to work on engineering, collaboration and team-building skills while exploring the value of Game-Based Learning (GBL). The club utilizes the Minecraft educational module to work together as a team, explore and create in pre-defined worlds, as well work independently in their own world.

Minecraft once a week for 6 week sessions.

Robotics Team

Club Coordinator: Laura Laun
Grades: 3rd -6th

Experience basic design, engineering, programming and problem solving by building your own robot to accomplish fun and exciting tasks. Students will use Lego Mindstorms EV3 and work in teams to collaborate and share ideas. This club is focused on competition, structured team work, and good behavior. It is important that the expectation is clear that hard work will be key, and a want to succeed will go a long way. A more informal Robotics Club will be offered Winter quarter.

Speech Team

Team Coordinator:
Year-long club
Grades: 7th & 8th Graders

No experience is necessary. The team competes in tournaments at Bishop Blanchet High School, Seattle Preparatory School and Archbishop Murphy High School on December 8, January 19 and February 9.

Practice begins on October 3, with weekly meetings at school on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45. Participants also are required to practice and prepare at home.

Participating in speech team is a great way to develop your child’s confidence and skills as a public speaker.

Speech Registration

Yoga Club

Yoga & Meditation

Introduce students to a variety yoga and meditation techniques to enhance mind/body/breath connection, exercise and practice self-soothing tools. Students will begin each session with an accessible yoga practice and end with a meditation.

Week 1 - Anusara (friendly) yoga and guided meditation

Week 2 - Vinyasa (flow) yoga and mindfulness meditation

Week 3 - Iyengar (with props) yoga and walking meditation

Week 4 - Kundalini (energetic) yoga and mantra meditation

Week 5 - Sivananda (traditional) yoga and transcendental meditation

Week 6 - Restorative yoga and loving-kindness meditation


Club Coordinator: Laura Laun

Grades: 3rd - 6th

ExploraVision is a science competition that goes beyond the typical student science competition and into what it takes to bring ideas to reality.

ExploraVision is a competition for K-12 students that engage the next generation real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM.

ExploraVision challenges students to envision and communicate new technology 20 years in the future through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology.

We are offering an afterschool opportunity for the 5thgraders to work with a team and enter the competition. Your child must commit to working afterschool or weekends. They will be working both independently, in addition to designated team meetings to complete the project. Based on the team’s availability, a specific day will be specified for team meetings. The project due date is February 8, 2018.Students on average spend 1-2 hours per week over a 3 to 4 month period.

For more information, please go to https://www.exploravision.org/.

Email Laura Laun for an application to join the club.


Session: Fall
Grades: 5th-8th

The Seattle Children's Theatre is bringing introduction to acting classes to St. Joseph. In this 10 week course bring a script to life. Explore scenes from great plays to expand your knowledge of the basic terms, concepts, and approaches to acting. Taking clues from the given circumstances found on the page, actors will embody dynamic characters, create strong relationships, and make choices that transform the words and stage directions into living, breathing scenes.

Piano Lessons

Students have the opportunity to take private piano lessons with middle school music teacher, Mr. Whitfield. Lessons are offered weekly in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments. The pricing will be as follows:

  • 30 minute lesson $38
  • 45 minute lesson $56
  • 60 minute lesson $75

Lessons will take place in the music room by the cafeteria. Registration will take place through the website. Please contact Mr. Whitfield regarding available lesson times and for any additional questions.


Session: Fall
Grades: 2nd-4th

Learn the art of knitting and crochet! Knitting is calming, relaxing, and keeps us centered because of its repetitive rhythmic movements. Beginners will start slowly with finger knitting, before moving on to knitting needles and our handy Knfity Knitter Looms. Projects include book markers, stuffed animals, hats, headbands, pouches and more!

Ultimate Frisbee

Play one of the fastest growing youth sports at TGA’s Ultimate Enrichment Program! This fast-paced team game uses a flying disc (A.K.A. a Frisbee®) to score points in an end zone, similar to football. Students develop throwing, catching, marking, and defending skills while learning about the academics behind throwing techniques and the ‘Spirit of the Game’ which emphasizes important life skills including fair play, honesty, and respect for other players.

Intergenerational Art Class

This is a Art Curriculum Class that sill focus on collaborative creativity between our students and members of the Fred Lind Retirement Community. They will work together on projects such as writing life stories, graphic narratives, plays, murals, dances or poetry - all based on the participants life experience.


Sessions: Fall & Spring
Grades: K-4th

TGA premier is serving up aces in our tennis class! We get students moving while teaching them the fundamentals of the game, important life skills, and academic lessons intrinsic to the sport. Station-based games and drills increase in difficulty as players progress through our 5-level enrichment program. Kid-friendly instructors help students develop tennis skills and knowledge while using the sport to teach valuable life lessons like honesty and sportsmanship. All equipment is provided. All skill levels are welcome. Come play with TGA!

Tennis Club will meet once a week in the fall and the spring.

Fiber Arts & Crafts

Mad Science

Club Coordinator: Mad Science
Grades: K-4th
Session: Winter

The wonders of chemistry are revealed as our junior chemists create surprising concoctions, break molecules with ease and shake up a flask full of fun. Kids will use the tools, safety procedures and laboratory techniques of real chemists as they investigate solids, liquids and gases at the atomic level. They’ll craft chemical combinations to create super-sticky-stuff, analyze the properties of light and ooze into the world of polymers. Exploring the elements has never been so much fun!

Machine Sewing

Session: Fall
Grades: 1st-4th

Students are invited to learn a skill they will use for a lifetime and a hobby they will forever enjoy…sewing! No experience necessary for boys and girls to learn the basics and beyond. New students will learn machine safety and beginner sewing techniques, while the more experienced students can expand on skills they already have. The class will begin with a simple project, then students will advance at their own pace to more exciting and challenging projects throughout the session. This class is designed to teach children with both beginning and advanced skills. Projects, which are constantly rotating during the quarter, include backpacks, phone cases, clothing, accessories, bags, games, stuffed animal and more!

Cribbage Club

Club Coordinator:
Sessions: TBD
Grades: K-4

What is cribbage? Cribbage is a two person card game invented by Sir John Suckling, a British poet and knight, around 1635. It uses a 52-card deck and Cribbage board with pegs to keep score. Cribbage is an engaging way to practice math facts. When playing cribbage, a student practices math facts, looks for patterns, develops working memory by having to think out a strategy, holds played cards in working memory, and has fun!

Cribbage Club at St. Joseph School will be held after school once a week.

Drama K-3

Seattle Children's Theatre brings Dramatic Imagination to St. Joseph. Dive into a world we create together and act out a story that builds from session to session. Play characters and create environments that tie into the session-long adventure. We learn to use imagination, body and voice to work together, overcome obstacles, and develop every aspect of a completely original story.


Rainy Day Dinner Club

You don’t have to make dinner tonight!

Each week, students learn basic cooking skills while making dinner for their family!

Students will create delicious dishes focusing on the importance of local ingredients, scratch cooking, and natural preservatives while practicing knife skills and kitchen safety.

As students follow recipes, they will learn the science behind the use of different ingredients involved and the important role herbs, spices and veggies play in flavoring our favorite dishes. Each entrée will serve 4 to 6 and will be packaged in oven ready cookware with baking instructions. All new recipes this session!

We will provide vegetarian options upon request at registration. **We can provide nut free classes, but we’re unable to provide gluten free or dairy free classes. ** For more info please visit rainydaydinnerclub.com

Private Voice Lessons

Lauren James, the Primary School Music teacher, is offering private voice lessons to students who are 7 years of age and older. The student will learn vocal exercises, classical voice technique which can be applied to various music styles and solo repertoire. Miss James holds a Bachelor’s degree of Music from Pacific Lutheran University and a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. Lessons will be held in the Primary Music room located next to the school Library. 30 minute lessons available for Primary grades, and 30-45 minute lessons available for middle school students. Please sign up through the website and feel free to contact Miss James with lesson availability and any additional questions.

  • 30 minute lesson $36
  • 45 minute lesson $54

Mad Science

Guitar Lessons

Rob Carroll, Ph.D., our Exploratory Rock Band teacher, is offering private guitar and electric bass lessons. Some preference will be given to middle school students who have an interest in playing in the Rock Band class or the Worship Band. Dr. Carroll received his doctorate in ethnomusicology from the University of Washington and his B.A. in music and psychology from Rutgers University. He’s been teaching guitar and bass privately for over twenty years, and at Holy Names Academy for eight years. While his main strengths are in rock, folk and pop styles, he also teaches classical, jazz and various international genres. He emphasizes building strong fundamental playing techniques and designs a student’s curriculum based on their individual musical interests. Lessons will mostly be held Tuesdays from 2–4 pm and Thursdays from 3–5 pm, but other times may be available. Lessons will be 30 or 45 minutes long depending on the student’s experience. For students who don’t yet own a guitar, a few may be available for loan from the school. Please sign up through the website and contact him directly with any questions.

• 30-minute lessons $38
• 45-minute lessons $56


Mathcraft - Can you say win-win?! MathCraft is the unique camp experience where both kids
and parents truly win as parents get to see their kids ecstatic about doing math, and kids get to see
their parents excited to support their time creating in Minecraft! Students solve grade level
appropriate challenges involving arithmetic, pre algebra, algebra, and basic geometry, all through
the block based structure of Minecraft. Our students build amazing structures and then derive the
math used to create these block based architectural marvels. Check out mathcraftteachers.com to
learn more about MathCraft and how it's changing the way math is being taught and learned in
schools across the country.


Art Workshops at St. Joseph!

We are excited to announce that Rainbow Parrot Art workshops are returning to St. Jose's! These workshops offer memorable opportunities for children to explore authentic expression and unleash their creative power through art. We explore diverse forms of ceramic sculpture, painting, multimedia, and more. We're going to have so much fun!