Extended Day Program

The Jaguar Club extended day program is open to all St. Joseph students in grades Kindergarten - 4th grade. The Jaguar Club offers a wide variety of activities for the students to engage in. Daily we have a grade specific themed activity that will meet weekly for 4 weeks so that the students can have a focused exposure in each concentration. The students will be exposed to cooking, STEAM, drama, cooperative games, and art. The students in the Jaguar Club will have the opportunity to attend homework club where they will be provided with a quiet space and adult assistance to complete their assignments.

The Jaguar Club is open following dismissal each day until 6:00pm. We are also open on most in-service days from 8:00am-6:00pm and all noon dismissal days until 6:00pm. On full days, we will have a themed workshop to engage our students in topics outside of their daily learning. These days are included with you Jaguar Club monthly tuition, other students may attend as a drop in day. Please see the website calendar for detailed dates.