School Lunch Program

The St. Joseph School Lunch Program is managed by P&T Lunch Services in partnership with St. Joseph School. Owners of P&T Lunch Services, Phuong and Todd Vien, provide healthy meals for students.

Lunch meals contain all natural proteins - going to 51% whole grain bases for pizza, pasta and breads. Based on the Public Schools USDA Food Guidelines, the kids are served a variety of proteins and vegetables, which are found in many dishes where students wouldn't suspect them. For example, the Macaroni & Cheese has a carrot puree in it. In the cafeteria, the children have access to condiments, hot water, two microwaves and two toasters. One microwave and one toaster is designated as “nut-free.”

The lunchroom is open for school lunches from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The 'A la Carte' station is also open after school from 2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. for students to grab a snack prior to their sporting events or on their way to activities.

Lunch Options & Costs

All hot lunch and Jaguar cold pack lunches are available to students K-8. The 'A la Carte' program (available for student grades 3-8) offers a variety of drink options, baked chips, health bars, salads, wraps, and fruit and vegetables cups, and more.

Item Price Description
Hot Lunch $5.00/dayThe 'hot lunch' meal includes a piece of fruit and milk or a juice box. View a complete list of day-to-day 'hot lunch' offerings in the attached calendar below.
Cold Pack
$5.00The 'Jaguar Cold Pack' or cold lunch contains either a full or half turkey sandwich or wrap, goldfish or animal crackers, a piece of fruit and a juice box or milk.
Zeek's Full
Meal Deal
$5.25The 1st Tuesday of each month is Zeek's Pizza Day. The 'Zeek's Full Meal Deal' includes 1 slice of pizza, vegetables or piece of fruit, juice box, milk or water. An additional slice of pizza is $3.00.
Milk or Juice$.50Milk or Apple Juice can be purchased individually. The above meal deals all include a milk or small juice including, apple, pineapple, or juice box.


Currently, the lunch menu has fourteen hot meal items that are cycle through each month.

September 2019January 2020May 2020
October 2019February 2020June 2020
November 2019March 2020
December 2019April 2020

Lunch Accounts & Payment


We encourage all families to sign up for a MySchoolBucks account to manage your child’s lunch account balance. The account is free and will allow you to review what your child is eating each day, manage his/her account and any existing balances, and add funds to your child’s account. Please follow the below instructions to sign up for an account.
  1. Go to and register for a free account.
  2. Once you receive the email confirmation, select the link to activate your account.
  3. Add your student(s) school name and student ID number. If you do not have their student ID number, please select the link provided in which you will then receive an email from a St. Joseph School staff member with your child’s ID number. Or, you can contact the St. Joseph front office at 206-329-3260 x210.
  4. There are options to receive email or texts when your child’s lunch account goes below a certain balance, which you will be able to choose.

Payment Options:

  1. Payment can be made via online using your credit/debit card or electronic check.
  2. A $1.95 transaction fee will be applied (per transaction, not per child in the same transaction). You will have the opportunity to review any fees and cancel if you choose before you are charged.
Cash or Check
  1. Cash must be provided in an envelope to the front office with your child’s name and student ID written on the envelope.
  2. Check – please make checks payable to P&T Lunch Program. Your child’s name and student ID must be written on the check.
  3. Splitting cash or check amount between children – please be specific either on the envelope or check on how much should go to each child.