Summer Programs

St. Joseph School offers several summer opportunities during the summer months for students grades K-8.

The below program offerings are for the 2016-2017 summer. Each of the programs are held onsite at St. Joseph School. The grades associated with the camps are for the students current grade level.


Study Skills Camp Beth Peterson$300Monday, August 14 to Thursday, August 17
(4/5 graders)

Monday, August 21 to Thursday, August 24
(6/7 graders)
9:00 am to noon

Writing Camp

Andrew Letellier$300August 21st - August 25th (4th-7th graders)9:00am - 12:00pm
TutoringEllen Fliesvaries


Camp Descriptions

Harry Potter

Come join our amazing BASEP team as we explore the magical and wonderful world of Harry Potter. Experience what life for a student at Hogwarts could be like. For one week we will be taking classes such as Charms, Potions, Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, and Herbology. Each day will be full of many different projects to aid in diving into the world of wizards. In our classes we will make our own wands, learn how to combine potions, bake sweet treats, study different plants and animals and transform household items into a variety of exciting crafts. The week will culminate with a field trip to Volunteer Park and a viewing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We hope you are able to be a part of our magical adventures here at Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards!

Camp will run from 9am-4pm Monday - Friday. Students will need to bring and sack lunch and we will provide and after noon snack. Extended day will be available from 4pm-6pm for an additional fee.

Study Skills

This camp is designed for St. Joseph School incoming 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. It will help students get prepared for middle school by learning about: individual learning styles, test taking skills, note taking, organization, time management, stress reduction, memorization tricks, prioritization, reading and writing strategies. The camp focuses on strengthening student’s executive function skills and creating a customized academic success plan for the upcoming school year.

What are executive function skills & why are they important?

Executive function skills are the mental skills you use everyday to function and get things done. It’s like the CEO of your brain that’s in charge of gathering information, planning tasks and completing it all. We constantly use them to set goals, prioritize tasks, manage our time/materials, and remember things.

Research suggests that executive function skills are more of a predictor of school success than IQ scores. If your child forgets homework and materials at school, loses papers and forgets to turn them in, misplaces belongings, has difficulty following directions, can’t determine what’s important, or has a hard time starting tasks, then your child may need some help improving his or her executive function skills.

Beth Peterson, who has been a classroom teacher for over 16 years, facilitates the study skills camp. She coaches elementary to high school-aged students helping them use their strengths to navigate through school. Registration is limited. The study skills camp costs $300 and will be billed through FACTS. Please secure your spot BEFORE June 1st.

Math Fluency

Fact Fluency Math Camp

Math-fact fluency will be accomplished in a series of centers using technology, flash cards, rhymes, paper/pencil, and other techniques to increase memorization and speed.

Writing Camp

Sea-Stump: The Picture Book Project

Join us this summer to practice essential writing techniques, engage your storytelling powers, and expand your illustration abilities!

This five-day workshop explores the process of writing and illustrating children’s books. Students will develop their own ideas into complete published picture books, using iPad illustration technologies.

The instruction targets Common Core standards for narrative writing, as well as illustration lessons, design techniques, and tips of the picture book trade.

Andrew LeTellier, Saint Joseph’s 7th grade Language Arts and Literature teacher, and Darren Cools, a Portland-based writer/ illustrator and graphic designer, will facilitate the workshop.

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If you are interested in being connected with an outside tutor, please contact Ellen Flies.