Parents help with classroom projects, major events, fundraisers, and the partnership between family and school is a true collaboration. As a part of our enrollment contract all families are required to complete 25 volunteer hours per academic year.

We have many service opportunities over the course of the academic year with which we need help in the classroom, in the office, on field trips, at extracurricular activities, the auction, jog-a-thon, dances, the Parish/school picnic, CYO sports and more. These volunteer areas, and countless others, help us build an inclusive community and contribute to your volunteer hours. Through volunteering, parents work side-by-side, develop friendships, and strengthen our community.

Parents that serve on the School Commission or any school committee receive an automatic 25 volunteer hours. Other volunteer opportunities that can report an initial 25 hours are coaching and ITWA - however we generally find that both acquire more than 25 hours. Room Parents can report 50 hours split between the number of room parents for each class (if there are two RP's each receives 25 hours, and so on). Hours other than committee hours are not automatically added to the database and must be reported by the volunteer.

How to Volunteer


To volunteer at St. Joseph School you must complete the following steps based on whether you are a new or returning parent. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

For new volunteers . . . For returning volunteers . . .
1. Visit the online Virtus site and register as a first-time registrant.

2. Click 'Begin the Registration Process' (please remember your login information).

3. Register online for the 3-hour Safe Environment Class: Protecting God’s Children.

4. When you are logged in on the online Virtus site, click the 'Background Check tab' to begin the process. The background check process is typically completed within a 24-hour period and only has to be updated every 3 years.

5. After you’ve completed steps 1-4 a certificate will be sent to you via email. A copy will be shared with the Virtus Coordinator at St. Joseph School. At this time you are cleared to volunteer at St. Joseph School.

1. Visit the online Virtus site and login. If you do not remember your login information click ‘Need login information.’ DO NOT create a new profile. Contact the Virtus help desk, 1-888-847-8870, for login assistance.

2. Please ensure that you are your background check is up-to-date (required every 3 years). You do not need to repeat the 3-hour class.

3. As long as your background check is up-to-date you are cleared to volunteer. On occasion, you may receive online bulletins for additional training or compliance. Please complete these when or if you receive them.

Problems with logging in contact the Virtus help desk at 1-888-847-8870.
Questions about your account or compliance contact Archdiocese Safe Environment Office at 206-274-3188.

If you have any school specific questions please contact the Assistant Business Manager at 206.329.3260 x222 or businessoffice@stjosephsea.org.

Seek & Choose

There are a variety of ways to help at St. Joseph. Whether you can volunteer once or multiple times, in the morning, during the day, in the evening or on the weekends, we have a multitude of opportunities available from working directly with students to administrative work or special events. Some jobs involve planning and managing others, while others involve showing up and getting the work done. Whatever your interests and availability, we have a volunteer job for you!

Volunteer activities performed at St. Joseph Parish also count toward fulfilling your volunteer commitment.

Click the links below to complete the sign-up genius form pertaining to a particular volunteer event. We will be in touch soon with more information. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.


You are responsible for recording and submitting your family’s Volunteer Hours. Fill out the Donated Hours Form (below), or print it and turn it in to the Advancement Office. Contact the advancement office with questions regarding tracking volunteer hours.

Volunteer Opportunities

EventVolunteer LinkVolunteer Description

In Touch With Art (ITWA) (ongoing)

Contact Molly Crocker or Susie Wells

In Touch with Art is in need of docents! ITWA is a unique volunteering opportunity that allows parents and students to connect in the classroom to discuss and make beautiful works of art. The Program's objective is to enhance art appreciation and artistic expression in the students. ITWA is parent-run and involves a monthly commitment to plan and execute an art lesson in the classroom.

Sign-UpVolunteers are needed to help serve, clean and cashier. Hours are from 10:50 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Primary Classroom Volunteers (ongoing)

Coming Soon!
Sign-up to help in the classroom for various tasks as determined by the teacher. The teachers rely on volunteers and schedule their lesson plans around your help.

General Volunteer

Sign Up

There are always events and projects that need your help. Visit our master Sign-Up Genius page to find current volunteer opportunities.

Auction VolunteerSign UpWe have a lot of volunteer opportunities for the auction. It is a great way to come together with others in the community and fulfill some of those volunteer hours.