Parents help with classroom projects, major events, fundraisers, and the partnership between family and school is a true collaboration. As a part of our enrollment contract all families are required to complete 25 volunteer hours per academic year.

We have many service opportunities over the course of the academic year with which we need help in the classroom, in the office, on field trips, at extracurricular activities, the auction, jog-a-thon, dances, the Parish/school picnic, CYO sports and more. These volunteer areas, and countless others, help us build an inclusive community and contribute to your volunteer hours. Through volunteering, parents work side-by-side, develop friendships, and strengthen our community.

Parents that serve on the School Commission or any school committee receive an automatic 25 volunteer hours. Other volunteer opportunities that can report an initial 25 hours are coaching and ITWA - however we generally find that both acquire more than 25 hours. Room Parents can report 50 hours split between the number of room parents for each class (if there are two RP's each receives 25 hours, and so on). Hours other than committee hours are not automatically added to the database and must be reported by the volunteer.

How to Volunteer