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Veracross Resources

What Is Veracross?

Veracross is a robust and comprehensive school information system (SIS). While new to St. Joseph School, Veracross has served clients’ digital database needs for 15 years and works exclusively with schools, specializing in the kind of online tools that make the lives of teachers, staff, students, and parents and guardians much easier. This new SIS will allow us to consolidate the number of digital locations for school information into one platform for news, events, calendars, grades, attendance, class schedules, directories, and more.

All of this information will be available behind a user login, and all content will be secure. Information will live in one (or more) of three places: a teacher portal, a student portal, and a parent and guardian portal.

If you have any questions about your Veracross account or how to find information in the system, please send an email to Lisa Mansoori.

Getting Started

Where is my Veracross Welcome Email?

Initial Veracross welcome emails were sent to parents and guardians on August 31, 2018. The links included within them have now expired.

However, the system has a built-in solution to that particular problem. If you are able to find your original welcome email, and you click the link within, you will likely get a message about said expiration. The system will immediately send you another welcome email the moment you click that link. So, if you return to your email, you should see a new welcome email that will allow you to set up your account with no errors.

If you never received a welcome email, there could be a number of reasons. To best help us troubleshoot that with you, please use your primary email account (the one you want to associate with your Veracross profile) and send a message to Lisa Mansoori, letting us know that you need assistance setting up your account.

Where do I log into the Portals?

You can log in to any of the St. Joseph School portals in Veracross by visiting

If you are a teacher at the school who also is a parent or guardian of a current student, your default portal will be the faculty portal. You can toggle to the parent portal or to the employee portal by clicking on the Veracross icon at the top of your home screen and clicking on the desired portal icon that appears in the pop-up window.

Directories and Household Profiles

How do the SJS directories work in Veracross?

TYPES: Currently, the default directories available in Veracross are the students (all or “by grade level”), households, and faculty/staff (all or “by school level”).

  • Student directory: every entry within the directory is fundamentally a student.
  • Household directory: every entry is a household, including adults and children.
  • Faculty/staff directory: every entry is a single person, faculty or staff.

SJS no longer prints a paper directory, as it is usually out of date the moment it goes to press. Whereas all directory changes once went through the main office, families can now update their directory information themselves whenever a change occurs. This happens through what Veracross calls the Household Profile Update (HPU).

YOUR HPU: The information initially in your HPU is what migrated from our old database system. In the welcome email families received, there was some information about how to update your HPU immediately, or verify that the information we have is correct. Many of you have already submitted updates and changes, thank you! There are more detailed directions for making updates to your HPU in another section.

PRIVACY OPTIONS: Unlike years past where we published everything about everyone, families now have options as to what they’d like made available to others in our community. At the bottom of the HPU, you will see “directory preferences.”

Each household will have the following information displayed (based on configuration):

  • Last Name
  • Parent Name(s)
  • Student Name(s) (currently enrolled students only)
  • Student(s) Grade Level
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

You can select what information that you would like displayed in each type of directory by clicking the toggle button.

How do I update my address, phone number, email, etc.?

When you first log in to the Parent Portal, please click the button to “Update Family Profile” on the right of the page.

You will be able to click through and make changes to your primary information.

How do I add emergency contacts, and pick up authorizations to my students profile?

In the second section under “Household Contacts” click “Contacts for My Children” to review the existing records and/or to add a new one.

If you wish for someone new to appear as a contact for your child(ren), you can add a record, select the relationship, and whether or not they are an emergency contact.

Once you do this, you can then visit the other sections of the HPU to clarify which contacts should have pickup authorization, receive general correspondence, and receive report cards.

How do I make updates to the medical profile?

In the third section of the HPU, click on "Review Medical Profile".

At the bottom of the page you can update each section by selecting different entry types.