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Our mission is to create a faith-centered community that educates and inspires students to reach their God-given potential.

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This year's auction marks the 41st Annual Family Night Auction and Gala that benefits St. Joseph School. This fundraiser provides a significant source of funding for the school's operations and programs, affordable financial aid for families in need, and St. Joseph student service outreach programs for the greater Seattle Community.

Each year, St. Joseph's wonderful art teacher, Molly Crocker, creates a beautiful altar in the main lobby of the school. This is an activity that can bring the whole community together, create a path for healing, and should be a process everyone enjoys. Stop by with your child to see it towards the end of the month.

St. Joseph School attended Seattle Prep's first annual Math Games. The event was an exciting competition invlovling 150 students from 20 different local schools.

Students worked together to solve math puzzles all types. There were silly games like popcorn perplexors and relay race graphs, a pizza box net and even one called evil eyeball. It was math like no one had ever seen or played before!

On Wednesday, October 19th, St. Joseph School recognizing Unity Day. Students, parents, and staff were invited to wear orange to show that they are united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. The focus fell on how people treat one another at St. Joseph and to demonstrate upstanding behavior.

Each week St Joseph School recognizes and promotes a virtue. These specific virtues were chosen by the school staff as examples of behavior showing high moral standards. Each homeroom has been challenged to explain a week's virtue and to exemplify it for the rest of the school.

This week has been sponsored by Ms. Mullin and her 6A homeroom. The virtue is Humor.

Alex LaCasse (8C) is representing St. Joseph School this week, presenting at the annual conference for Middle Level Education (AMLE) in Austin Texas. The gathering is a multi-faceted conference aimed to meet the needs of educators who instruct middle school students (ages 10-15). Mr. LaCasse was joined by Mr. Letellier, Mr. Hess and Ms. Bever.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers, teachers, runners, Jake Crocker, Sara Cotto, and families who supported our St. Joseph Jog-a-thon. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather for the event and enthusiastic runners in costumes. Our classroom costume winners were 2C, 3B & 6C. We will send an update in next week's FLASH with the winners who ran the most laps.

Last week marked the beginning of the 2016-2017 fall exploratory term. The St. Joseph exploratory program, offered to students in grades seven and eight, compliments the academic program and allows our students to more deeply explore a topic or subject.

Monday morning marked the first of many all-school prayer services that will take place during the 2016-2017 school year.

This morning, students from Kindergarten though the eighth grade filed reverently into the church for a short service led by Principal Fennessy and first grade homeroom teacher, Cassie Kastens. Mr. Fennessy shared a personal story and prayer about this years theme: People for Others. Ms. Kastens also shared her 1st grades interpretation of the virtue of the week: Kindness.


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