St. Joseph SchoolSt. Joseph School

Welcome to St. Joseph

St. Joseph School is dedicated to the education, integration, and development of young people from all social, economic and religious backgrounds.  

Please take a look at our School-Wide Learning Expectations. 

Our Mission

To create a faith-centered community that educates and inspires students to reach their God-given potential. 

We are Called

This year the school theme is 'We Are Called.' As we begin this year, our challenge will be to open ourselves to the countless ways we are called to serve as students and educators.


St. Joseph School is committed to helping students, faculty, and parents use technology as a tool that enhances collaborative and purposeful learning.

Community & Friends

At St. Joseph School we seek to simply keep our students open to the myriad of graces they have been given and allow them to start to experiment with how they might use these gifts to improve the worlds they occupy throughout their lives.
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