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St. Joseph is an all-city Catholic K-8 grade school. All are welcome in a Catholic school, we educate because we are Catholic and strive to be a welcoming community for all people. By choosing a Catholic school, you are entering into a relationship that sees the parent as the primary educator of the child, and the school as a primary partner in the child's education.

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A Dive into OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD, is a common disorder where people have thoughts and compulsions that they need to repeat. And it is definitely not limited to having everything organized all the time. Someone with OCD associates that organization, or attention to detail, or compulsive behavior, to a pattern of thinking that is unstoppable. Mr. LaCasse, an eighth grade teacher, has been kind enough to share his story:

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The Exit from Common Sense

"Brexit was a war. We won. There's no turning back now," says Arron Banks, possibly the largest political donor in history. Outside of this irrational man's bubble of obliviousness, who really won this war? The tens of millions of British high schoolers who are now at high risk of unemployment? The multitude of immigrants and refugees attempting to enter the U.K. who are being warded off by its citizens? How about every member of the entire country being told the lie that they "send the E.U. [European Union] 350 million pounds a week"? That if they voted to leave the E.U., that money would "fund [their] NHS [National Health System] instead," as if that were actually true? This "war" hasn't left these groups any better off, nor has it crowned a victor.

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Special Support

My brother and I have never gone to the same school. A dramatic age difference does not separate us. My brother, Bowman, has special needs and goes to Lowell Elementary in Seattle, Washington. Whenever I walk into his classroom, I see kids coloring with broken crayons, using old iPads for learning games, and grabbing tattered books to start reading. If our funding and support goes to special needs classrooms, we can create a learning filled atmosphere that can assist kids and improve their future.

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Hidden Highlights

Have you ever wondered the hidden secrets of grades you have been in long, long ago? What do they do with all of their time? You could go up and ask them; but we've already done that for you.

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Behind the Scenes with Author Ben Mikaelson

On April 7th, author Ben Mikaelsen came to visit our school. Mikaelsen was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1952. He currently lives in Montana but wants to move to Washington. He is married and has two step-kids. When he came to our school everyone was honored to have him come talk to the students about his life as a writer. 7th graders recently read one of his books, Touching Spirit Bear, so they were excited to hear from him.

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The Not-So-Big Contrast

While the biggest comparisons between two age groups has often been that between the kindergarten and 8th grade students, an equally contrasting, but less obvious example, would be between the 1st and 7th graders. When asked what the most challenging part of their day was, the 1st graders responded with ̈math time or reading ̈ and that their ̈hardest class [was] music. ̈ The 7th graders were asked the same questions, saying "science" and "reading class ̈ for both prompts.

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A New 7th Grade Experience

The 7th grade capstone trip was one to remember. It was an amazing place to be: Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Although it might have been rainy, the 7th graders were able to make the most out of the trip. It was definitely a new experience to the 7th graders, as they had always slept in cabins while camping in previous years. Last year's 7th graders also went on a hiking trip, but the location had to be changed this year due to the heavy snow fall throughout the winter.

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The Big Apple and the Capital

The capstone trip is always an exciting time of the year--especially for 8th graders--since they go to Washington D.C. and New York! Our nation's capital is full of history and New York, or "The Big Apple," is rich with culture and full of people.

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New Exploratory: Makerspace

Imagine creating a project that could possibly cure cancer, save Marines overseas, or save lives in any way. This is the purpose of Makerspace. Makerspace has been added to the already impressive line-up of St. Joseph exploratories: Art, Drama, Dance, Rock Band, Choir, STEAM, Entrepreneurship, Music Production, Street Law and Justice, and Technology.

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Never Give Up

Crack! The ball goes flying, right over the head of a very surprised second basemen. The out fielders scramble to get the ball, but they are too late. The ball was already airborne; it soared right over the clouds and into the blue sky.

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St. Joseph Celebrates Earth Day!

Did you know that more than three quarters of the waste in King County's main landfill is recyclable in some capacity? (Seattle Times, 2014) The St. Joseph Green Team, a group of current 4th graders, wants to change that! In honor of Earth Day and to raise awareness about the importance of correctly recycling and composting waste, the Green Team has planned activities around school for Friday, April 28th. Click read more to watch the Green Team Video for helpful tips for recycling and composting.

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