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The Leo Eckstein, S.J. Memorial Library is a quintessential part of the school used by all students, faculty, and staff. Fr. Eckstein was a beloved priest at St. Joseph Parish from 1960 - 1970 and was an easily recognizable figure on Capitol Hill known for riding his bike everywhere.

With over 18,000 volumes of print material and 1:1 access to Chromebooks, every student is set up for success at the St. Joseph Library. Through the hard work of our committed library staff and volunteers, we are able to support students, staff and entire families in developing and maintaining a love for reading. The mission of the library information literacy program is to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information, with skills and experiences to develop a life-long love of reading and learning. (ALA Information Power: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs).

Students are introduced to a library curriculum starting in kindergarten and each year develop new skills leading to more independence.


Students focus on basic library skills such as library layout and the different sections and locating specific books in the fiction areas. Students are taught how to find "just right" books and inspired to develop a love of reading.

Students graduate to breaking the code of the Dewey Decimal Classification System, using the library catalog system, and becoming familiar with areas of personal interest in the library’s nonfiction section.

While students further their knowledge of safe and effective online research they are encouraged to utilize the over 18,000 volumes of print material. This helps further to instill a love of reading and develop independent life long learners.

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