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Jaguar Club

The Jaguar Club provides an after-school environment for enriching activities, clubs, and workshops that enable our students to reach their God-given potential. We strive to offer the highest quality care while providing students with the opportunity to be exposed to different experiences and forge new and lasting friendships. In keeping with the mission statement of the school and the Student Learning Expectations, we assist the children in our care to develop the life skills and values that they will utilize to thrive.

We have a variety of after school programs that you can tailor to fit your families needs. The Jaguar Club extended day program, serves our K-4th graders from dismissal each day until 6:00pm. The Jaguar Study Club, is open to 5th-8th graders, providing a place to do their homework with support and technology resources. The Enrichment Classes and Clubs are open to students in all grades and can be used in conjunction with the Jaguar Club extended day program, and the Jaguar Study Club. Registration for Jaguar Club programs opens in August.

The Jaguar Club extended day program is open to all St. Joseph students in grades Kindergarten - 4th grade. We offer grade specific themed activities that meet weekly for 4 weeks so that the students can have a focused exposure in each concentration. The students will be exposed to cooking, STEAM, drama, cooperative games, and art. The students in the Jaguar Club will have the opportunity to attend homework club where they will be provided with a quiet space and adult assistance to complete their assignments.

This program is designed to help facilitate a structured environment for assisting our 5th-8th grade students with their homework needs. Study Club offers a quiet and respectful space where students can get one on one study help, work on projects with other classmates, get homework questions and concerns answered or addressed, and a place for socializing after school. We have access to computers for homework assignments, and also for leisure purposes. We also provide time for students to go outside to play games when the weather is nice if they so desire. We also watch movies every Friday to help make a fun end to a busy school week. Study Club offers a range of opportunity for all students to strengthen their study habits in a fun and respectful environment.

The Jaguar Club will offer enrichment classes and clubs that will meet for 6-8 weeks every trimester. The classes and clubs are grade specific and will vary throughout the year. Enrichment classes and clubs are open to all current St. Joseph students. We strive to offer dynamic classes that provide opportunities for personal growth as well as collaboration with other students across grade levels.

Examples of classes offered: Guitar, Mandarin, Cooking Class, French, Yoga Class, Machine Sewing, Private Guitar, Piano, or Voice Lesson

Clubs offered: Chess Club, Robotics Club

To learn more about what the Jaguar Club has to offer please email David Sepulveda, Director of Jaguar Club 206.329.3260 ext. 224