2022 Regional Winner - St. Joseph School Seattle

2022 Regional Winner

Regional Winner in the K-3 Division - Hedera Helix Drone

Project abstract: In the last couple of years we’ve learned about global warming, and since then we’ve been reading and researching about it. The more we read and learn about it, we feel we should be doing something to help our environment. One of the main effects of climate change is an increase in the number of natural disasters, such as: wildfires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, even the creation of new viruses. We believe that drones are powerful flying machines that can help our planet be cleaner and safer. That’s why we chose to invent the next generation drone that will use carbon dioxide as its main energy source. Another greenhouse gas that harms the earth is methane. The drone will keep our earth and ocean surface clean by picking up garbage, sorting it out and converting food scraps into fertilizer. It will also reduce harmful pollutants from the air (including viruses). The drone will include a system to detect if a natural disaster may happen and warn authorities and people.