Mayor of St. Joe's - St. Joseph School Seattle
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In the previous year, our fundraising race successfully generated over $13,000 in proceeds, which were evenly distributed between St. Francis House and St. Joseph School. This year's 2024 Mayor race aims to provide support for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (CRJS) and St. Joseph School.

CRJS offers financial assistance to every student, ensuring that families never exceed a monthly payment of $250 or an annual total of $2,500. The cost of education is supplemented by students' earnings from the Corporate Work Study program. Cristo Rey Jesuit students become people for others who embody the values of being open to growth, intellectually engaged, spiritually alive, loving, work-experienced, and committed to pursuing justice.

To learn more about CRJS and what they are doing in the community click here.

Why have a race for Mayor of St. Joe's?

We hope that the Mayor of St. Joe's Campaign provides an enjoyable experience for all participants, while also imparting valuable lessons, particularly emphasizing the significance of voting. Every vote holds weight and importance.

In the past year, Mayor Flanagan, our 3rd Mayor, has had an outstanding tenure and has demonstrated exceptional dedication to his role. He has been instrumental in supporting wayfinding projects across our campus. Beau, during his campaign, advocated for values centered around kindness, friendship, and companionship.

Mayor Flanagan's accomplishments include initiating the BookIt program, earning a place in the yearbook, inaugurating the Party on the Hill event, leading the Jog-a-thon, spreading joy during the Feast of St. Nicholas by lighting the block, participating as the Groundhog Day stand-in, and much more.

Candidate applications accepted February 12-29
Preliminaries March 7-14
Debates March 15-21
Election March 22-26
Student Election March 27
Mayor Announced March 27
Inauguration March 27, 3:15 pm

Each week when voting opens we will provide a link to the ballot. You can share that link with family and friends. Each vote is $1 but there is no limit on the number of votes each candidate can receive.

During week two students will be able to cast a free vote via the voting cart that will come to their classrooms.

Students will then decide their next Mayor by casting a free vote via voting carts on March 27.

We have candidates in four categories:

1) Land: basically anything on four legs or a belly!

2) Sea: lives in the water

3) Air: they can fly - or at least try hard to

4) Plushie: filled with love

  1. Your pet's name
  2. Owner's first and last name (the owner's name will remain private)
  3. Owner's email address
  4. Which category (listed above) that you are entering
  5. In one sentence tell us how your pet, as Mayor, will care for others
  6. Submit a photo of your candidate (no humans in the photos). You will be able to do that with your application. (JPEG image, vertical format)

Please submit your form here.

We only have space for 70 candidates. Please submit early!

Voting will be broken down into three sessions as follows:

Week 1 - Preliminaries: Voting opens on Friday, March 7 at 10am and closes on Thursday, March 14 at noon. On Friday, March 15 the top 10 candidates in each category will be announced.

Week 2 - Debates: Voting resets at $0 and then the debates begin! Voting opens on Friday, March 15 at 10am and closes on Thursday, March 21 at noon. On Friday, March 22 the top three candidates in each category will be announced. Student voting: On Wednesday we will offer a "student free vote day" via a voting cart that will come to their classrooms.

Week 3 - Election:

  • Voting resets at $0 and the final round begins! Voting opens on Friday, March 22 at 10am and closes on Tuesday, March 26 at noon. The votes will be tabulated and the top 3 candidates overall will be announced later that day.
  • On Wednesday, March 27, we will offer a "student free vote day" and our students will decide our next Mayor. Wednesday, afterschool we will inaugurate our new Mayor.

Students can promote their candidate with posters. Drop them off at the main office (don’t hang on your own and make no outlandish statements).

Candidates who make it to the Debates, will be offered the opportunity to provide a promotional video. We will share it with the teachers to show the students.

Candidates who make it to the Election will be offered the opportunity to say their personal statement made by the owner in the school during morning prayer.