St. Joseph has been an amazing place for more than 100 years. St. Joseph has been a place to learn to read and write, to add and subtract, and to appreciate the fundamentals of education and faith on which the rest of our lives are built.

As alumni, the most influential and practical impact of St. Joseph was the relationships formed, the memories created, and the life lessons learned. We did not always understand the impact St. Joseph had on us until we ventured out into life, lived a little, and realized how truly important these roots would become. The lifelong friendships, the inspiring lessons, or the caring influence of a teacher may still impact your life today.

The alumni program at St. Joseph keeps these relationships and memories alive. Whether you want to reconnect with the school, host a class reunion, volunteer your time, get in touch with a former classmate or teacher, donate in some way, or just visit us, let us know! We'd love to hear what you've been doing and take a tour down memory lane. Contact us at

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Read about the latest school and alumni news in St. Joseph School alumni newsletter: Reconnections.






Recent Alums

St. Joseph School graduates leave our school well prepared for many of the area’s best high schools. These schools tell us that our students are highly capable, ready for leadership and poised for success in high school and beyond. Our most recent graduates are headed to the following schools:

Class of 2015

Bishop Blanchet High School


Seattle Preparatory High School


James A. Garfield High School


Holy Names Academy


Lakeside School


O'Dea High School


The Bush School

Archbishop Murphy
Aviation High School2
Kennedy High School3
Roosevelt High School4
The Northwest School2

Alumni Awards

The St. Joseph Distinguished Alumni Award was created in 1996 to recognize and honor the exceptional achievements of St. Joseph School Alumni. The award is presented annually at the fall Celebration Dinner. All St. Joseph School awards are displayed in the first floor hallway of the middle school.

Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award include a former Washington State governor, City of Seattle mayor, Archdiocese of Seattle priests and educators, entrepreneurs, and a captain in the United States Army. The names of all Distinguished Alumni of the Year recipients are listed on a plaque in the main hallway of the school.

The 2015 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award is Sam Procopio ('96). Read more about Sam's work as a teacher, mentor, and leader of Catholic Education and Computer Science on the Jaguar Blog.

To nominate an alumnus/a for this award, please contact the Advancement Office.

Past Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award Recipients

2015Sam Procopio, '96
Educator, Holy Names Academy


Rosemary Dunigan, '81
School Commission & PAB Member, St. Joseph School

Jordan Howell '00
Facilities, CYO, and Counseling Staff, St. Joseph School


Dr. Jim Roos '78
Physician, Doctors Without Borders


Bill Sauvage '82
Educator, St. Joseph School


Ian Dietz ’96
Captain, US Army

2009Stephen Hueffed, '81

Head of CYO, Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle


Very Rev. Kenneth Haydock ‘60
Priest and Pastor


Molly (McKillop) Crocker ’78’
Educator, St. Joseph School


Regina (Hickman) Melonson ’70
Educator, Seattle Preparatory School


Mary (Breskovich) Lee ’77
Fulcrum Foundation Campaign Chair


Elizabeth (Eldredge) Swift ’67
Principal, Holy Names Academy


Fr. Richard J. Ward ’39
Archdiocesan Priest


Eileen (Goins) Gray ’64
Catholic School Principal


Mick McHugh ’57


Greg Nickels ’69
King County Council Member
(Elected Mayor of Seattle in 2001)


Fr. Robert Bruce Grimm, SJ ’61
Jesuit Provincial


Thomas “Tucker” C. McHugh ’63
Caffe Appassionato


John McKay ’70
Attorney at Law (Later appointed US Attorney)


Anne Marie (Ott) Flaherty ’79
Mostly Muffins


Molly (Derrig) Bolanos ’79
Mostly Muffins


Graduates of St. Joseph School often remain in close contact with their classmates throughout their lives, gathering both informally and as part of an organized event such as a reunion.

We do our best to assist reunion planning committees by updating contact information for our alumni as it becomes available and maintaining photo archives which we are happy to share. With the advent of Facebook, many St. Joe's alums have managed to locate one another and even create Facebook pages for their graduating class.

A number of graduating classes have communicated with the school in recent years regarding their reunions and graciously submitted photos of their events to be included in issues of the alumni newsletter, Reconnections. If you are part of the reunion committee for your class or are planning an upcoming event, we'd love to hear from you and will gladly help in any way we can, including spreading the word about your event through the website or newsletter.

Contact if you have any questions regarding future reunions.

Upcoming Reunions:
Class of 1967 (50+ Reunion)
Class of 1968 (50+ Reunion)

Class of 1977 (40th Reunion)
Class of 1978 (40th Reunion)

Class of 1987 (30th Reunion)
Class of 1988 (30th Reunion)

Class of 1992 (25th Reunion)
Class of 1993 (25th Reunion)

Class of 1997 (20th Reunion)
Class of 1998 (20th Reunion)

Recent Alumni Gatherings

Class of 1966

Earlier this Fall, 2016, more than 40 alums and guests from the class of 1966 reunited for Mass, drinks, food and merriment. The celebration even included a game of 1966 jeopardy! Special thanks to Gay Bitts, Rich Cannon, Ross Case, Charlie Heffernan, Mary McKay Vial, Kathy Shoemaker Jinguji, Brian Sweeney, Molly Merrick and Ceryl Smith for organizing this reunion.

A gift was made to St. Joseph School in honor of the class of 1966. Check out photos from the 1966 reunion.

On October 7, 2011, sixty-two members of the St. Joseph School Class of 1966 along with 25 spouses gathered for their 45th class reunion in the school's auditorium for an evening of sharing stories, memories, and lots of laughter. Below is a photo taken that evening of the classmates in attendance standing in the same location they did for their First Holy Communion in 1960. To see more photos from the reunion, click here to be connected to the photo gallery of Catherine Anstett.

A group of classmates from the Class of 1966 has been gathering several times each year for dim sum lunch together at the House of Hong Restaurant in Seattle and are always looking to expand the guest list. If you would like to know when they will be dining together again, please contact Ross Case, '66 or Jim Peterson, '66

Class of 1978

The St. Joseph Class of 1978 has held a number of both organized and informal gatherings. In between reunions, classmates gather at local parks and at classmates' homes.

Contact: Tina (Blanding) Laughlin, '78 at (206) 361-8403

Class of 1985

If you'd like to see more photos from the 25th reunion held in August 2010 and/or get in touch with classmates, please visit the St. Joe's Class of '85 page on Facebook.

To see the full write-up on the 25th reunion, see the September 2010 issue of Reconnections

Contact: Lori (Buono) Anderson, '85 or Tom Newman, '85

Class of 1987

The St. Joseph School Class of 1987 mini-reunion took place in mid-June of 2011 at the Canterbury on 15th

Class of 1999

Over Thanksgiving break the Class of 1996 reconnected over wine and cheese. Current 8th grader Maya Murphy, '17, graciously led the alums on school tours of the cafeteria, the newly expanded lobby, the LRC and junior high floor. Ms. Marion, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Sauter, and Mr. Woletz accompanied the tour and reminisced with the alums about old projects, quizzes and past memories. Thanks to Ona (Spaniola) Johnson, Monica (Lewis) Knapp, and Lauren (Vane) Coates for organizing. Read more and check out the photos from the 1996 reunion.

We exist to keep you connected with the latest news about St. Joseph School and each other. Make sure we have your current contact information by updating your address here.

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