St. Joseph Athletics

St. Joseph Athletics provides opportunities for the youth of St. Joseph Parish and St. Joseph School to participate in various sports activities in a safe, well organized, and properly supervised program; and to develop skills, self discipline, and attitudes of sportsmanship based on the Christian principles of fair play and teamwork.

The season calendar, individual athletic programs, and additional resources and forms are listed below. Questions about St. Joseph Athletics? Visit the FAQ page.


Important Forms

CYO Calendar

Equal Division of Talent Policy

For the CYO sports of basketball, volleyball, and soccer, in the specific grades that do not have a varsity/junior varsity tryout, these policies will guide the process for creating teams.

  • All players will have a minimum of one combined practice that allows coaches to assess talent and work together to create equal teams.
  • After the combined practice, the coaches should work to divide the teams so that they are as close as possible to even in player talent.
  • Players should not be placed on the exact same team as the year before. This will support the goal of our students having opportunities to play with and connect with new classmates.
  • The combined practice will also allow coaches to see players that may be new to school, or may have made improvements in skill. This will help to eliminate teams staying the same as the year before.

Financial Aid Policy

  • Financial Aid will be available to families upon request to the Athletic Director.
  • Financial Aid will match the percentage of financial aid the family receives for tuition.
  • Financial Aid is not available for families who do not receive financial aid for tuition.

Interested in being a CYO Coach?

Anyone interested in Coaching a CYO team at St. Joseph School must complete all items on the CYO Coaches Checklist. Please turn in all required items with the checklist to the main office. The following links are to websites and PDFs for the coaches checklist.

Called to protect for ministries class schedule

Called to protect online refresher course (required annually each year after the 3 hour class)

Play Like a Champion Today coaches training (questions - email the Athletic Director)

Play Like a Champion Today ONLINE REFRESHER - Due 3 years after the class completion

Background Authorization form

Safe Environment Agreement form

Coach Code of Conduct

Concussion Video "Lystedt Law"

Late Registration Policy

These policies apply solely to forms received past the stated date for registration specified by each sport at St. Joseph School/Parish.

Any registration received beyond the stated due date will be specifically handled by the Athletic Director.

Students who sign up late for a sport will be charged a late fee of the same amount as the original registration.

In the case of late registration certain decisions may need to be made by the Athletic Director.

  • If a team is at its roster maximum allowed by CYO late registration will be denied.
  • If the number of players exceeds an "internal count" which allows desirable playing time for each player, late registration may be denied.

Varsity / JV Tryout Policy

These procedures are in place to clearly communicate the process for dividing student athletes between varsity and junior varsity teams for CYO sports at St. Joseph School.

  • The tryout selection practices are closed to parents and outside observers.
  • Each player will participate in at least one tryout practice. Players who are ill, injured, or otherwise unavailable for the scheduled tryouts will receive a tryout during a practice time when tryouts judges are available.
  • An email from the sport coordinators will be sent to parents of all players registered for the sport at least 48 hours before the first tryout. The email will introduce the coaches, tryout judges, and provide them a copy of the St. Joseph CYO tryout policies. Coaches will communicate the dates and times of the tryouts.
  • A minimum of one tryout judge, who is not a parent of a player participating in the tryouts, will take part in the tryout evaluation.
  • Tryout selections will be made using objective skill evaluations by the judge and coaches. Player positions for the sport will be considered.
  • Tryout selections will be communicated to players by the coaches at an agreed upon time within 24 hours of the final tryout date.
  • Selection decisions are final, and roster changes after tryouts can only be made by the athletic director. The rationale or rankings of players are not posted or discussed with parents or others. Parents with questions regarding placement of their child can address those to coaches, sport coordinators, or the athletic director, but should be aware they will not be given information on other players.