I want to coach. How do I sign up? What are the requirements?

If interested in coaching at St. Joseph’s School, please contact the sport coordinator for the sport. The information can be found in the CYO Athletics tab on the St. Joseph’s website. Check the Coaches Corner Tab and fulfill the requirements listed (ex. background check, Called to Protect, Play Like A Champion Today)

Where can I find information on the rules?

Rules and regulations for each sport can be found in the Archdiocese of Seattle CYO Athletic Manual.

I think I’m current for Play Like a Champion and Called to Protect. How do I find out?

Contact your Athletic Director who will have a breakdown of your current standings for coaching requirements.

What’s the date of the Archdiocese coaches meeting? Is it mandatory I attend?

Every team must have at least one representative coach at the meeting. This is mandatory and if not followed will result in a forfeit of the game and a suspension of a coach. Dates are posted on the CYO Central office calendar.

I coach (gender/grade) – can I practice (time/date/field)?

Practice locations are established through CYO and athletic directors. If you are in need of flexibility because of time constraints contact the Athletic Director.

When will my players get their uniforms?

Depending on the sport and whether equipment will need to be purchased, all athletic activities will be issued their uniforms and other essentials before the first competition unless specified.

I want to reschedule a game – what should I do?

All game schedules are established by CYO and changes are not allowed. If you have a concern about availability or the timing of the competition please inform your sports coordinator.

We don’t have enough players and need to forfeit – what should I do?

If you need to forfeit a game because of lack of players, inform your school’s Athletic Director.

Do the concussion forms go to my coach or the Athletic Director?

All forms that are necessary like the code of conduct and concussion form should be turned in/submitted to your Athletic Director.

I forgot to register my (son/daughter) - who should I contact?

If the registration deadline has not passed then go ahead and register. If the deadline has passed, contact your school’s Athletic Director.

I want my son/daughter to play for coach ( ) - can you arrange?

Special arrangements between specific players and coaches is not allowed.

I want my son/daughter to play with (other player/student) – can you arrange?

Specific arrangements for playing for or with specific individuals are not met. Reasons include following the division of talent policy as well as the tryout policy for older grades.

Will I know the practice schedule before having to sign up?

No, practice schedules are done once coaches are determined across all the teams/grades so that coaches' availability can be taken into account in assigning practice times. Typically, younger children practice earlier and the later times are reserved for older children.

Can my student play soccer and cross country?

Yes, Soccer and Cross Country are set up so they do not conflict.

When are basketball games played?

Games are weekends, typically girls play on Saturdays and boys play Sundays. This is not a strict rule and at times you will find that either gender may have games on either day.

Can my child play basketball if they are also on another select sport team and need to miss CYO practice?

Participation is a top priority for CYO and so as long as your child can regularly attend typically one of the two practices per week, they are welcome to sign up for CYO. When it comes to dividing teams for varsity and junior varsity status, ability to regularly participate in practice may be considered in the decision process.

Can my child play basketball if they will need to miss games due to participating in another sport?

Participation is a top priority in CYO and so as long as your child can play in some games they are welcome to sign up for CYO. For varsity teams, players are expected to participate in a certain number of games in order for the player to be eligible to play in playoff/championship games.