Track & Field

Track and Field is truly the sport for everyone. All different types of athletes can find a home in track and field. The individual efforts of every participant combine to represent the entire team. Track & Field for K-3rd graders is a fun, non-competitive running club that includes some skill (throwing, jumping, running) development.

Program Information:
  • Open to all students K-8
  • There are no meets for grades K - 3. Grades 4-8 compete in a series of 4 meets culminating in an individual championship meet and a team championship meet. Additionally, 8th graders participate in a pentathlon.
  • Track & Field season runs from early April through early June.
  • Registration cost is $30 for 4th-8th grade Track & Field.
  • Registration cost is $20 for K-3rd grade Track Club.

We have not received our track time allocation from the City of Seattle yet so I cannot give any specifics regarding practice time other than that it is generally twice a week in the evenings and not on consecutive days.

K-3 Track Club practices once weekly for 4-6 weeks depending on field availability and coach schedule. The last two years have been at McGilvra school which has worked well and is what I will try to reserve with the city again if it is available.

Contact us

Robby Hayes
Athletic Director
(206) 329-3260 ext 216