Committees & Commissions - St. Joseph School Seattle

Committees & Commissions

A Partnership

Each committee serves as partners, collaborators and advisors to the Head of School, Pastor and Directors. Members help ensure that the mission of St. Joseph School is maintained, nurtured and brought into the future.

The primary goal of the COVID-19 Task Force is to implement the CDC and King County Department of Health's guidelines for safely bringing students, staff and faculty back to campus. The Task Force works to mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus by developing safety procedures and protocols, in consultation with community professionals, that follow the guidelines as set forth by the CDC and King County Department of Health. The Task Force meets regularly to ensure updated practices and procedures are implemented where necessary. 

Committee Members:
Mary Helen Bever
Theresa Cedergreen
Mary Doquilo
Yuri Kondratyuk
Vince McGovern
David Sepulveda

The Racial Equity Committee is an advisory body to the Head of School and Directors seeking to institutionalize an organizational framework that is anti-oppressive and racially equitable. Our work is to assess our programs and policies through the lens of racial equity, and make recommendations accordingly. The team’s work will support and inform the strategic goals of the organization.

Sara Alvarado
Joani Benoit
Mary Helen Bever
Maura McCulloch
David Sepulveda

The Parents Association Board (PAB) is composed of elected members from our current parent/guardian community. The PAB promotes parent involvement in all aspects of community life at St. Joseph School; special events, in the classroom, speaker programs, and integration with the parish.

Board Members:
Daniel Kim, President
Jeremy Adkins
Emily Bassett
Sara Caleffi
Michael Connell
Erin Friedman
Lisa Greatorex
Katie Kuder
Kendra McDermott
Abiy Mesfin
Aylie Millar
Mara Spaccarelli
Jennifer Tilghman-Havens
Matthew Van Wollen

The School Commission assists the Pastor and Head of School in policy development and long-range planning for the school.

Commission Members:
Vicki Anderson-Ellis, Chair
Brian Arnold
Patrick Fennessy, Head of School
Courtney Heily
Laura Kelley
Andrea Lines
Kristine Losh
Erin Luby
Kris Moore
Michael Mullally
Kim Nisbet
Kaitlyn O'Leary
Phil Shigo
Patrick Suarez
Deacon Steve Wodzanowski

The Advancement Committee works with the leadership of St. Joseph School to advise and advance its development program in order to maximize the role of private support in meeting the school’s strategic fundraising goals.

Committee Members:
Cait Cable,. Co-Chair
Kim Nisbet, Co-Chair
Juan Cotto
Hallie Desautel
Alex Evans
Patrick Fennessy
Nancy Fisk
Courtney Heily
Caroline Hauge
Laura Laun
Stacie Moore
Vanessa Smith, '98
Erika Stafford
Heather Suarez
Barbara Trentalange
Susie Wells
Lisa Weir

The Building & Grounds Committee assists in developing and monitoring maintenance and improvement plans for the school campus.

Committee Members:
Brian Arnold, Chair
Kris Moore
Barbara Trentalange

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to promote the financial welfare of the school; to assist in the preparation of and recommend to the School Commission the annual budget and such supplemental budgets for operating and capital expenditures as may be necessary; and to develop for the school a program and process of fiscal responsibility.

Committee Members:
Laura Kelley, Chair
Gregory Dunfield
Michael Rubel
Erika Stafford
Matthew Van Wollen

Our committee members assist in planning and hosting events throughout the year. Alumni continue the legacy of St. Joseph and are an active and engaged community.

Frank Buono '53
Annie (Wickwire) Delucchi ' 78
Andrea (Losh) Hackman '89
Spencer Hurst '91
Bryce McWalter '64
Reilly Pigott '15
Carol Gilmore Sauter '69
Sara Snowden '12