Athletics - St. Joseph School Seattle
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St. Joseph Athletics has been an integral part of the student experience since its inception in the 1960's. Athletics continues to strengthen the St. Joseph School Mission "to create a faith-centered community that educates and inspires students to reach their God-given potential" via participation in sport. Every year, St. Joseph fields over 60 sports teams across five sports: cross country, soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field. Hundreds of student athletes and volunteer coaches partner to create a fun, inclusive and educational environment for all participants. No athlete is turned away based on finances or ability. From Kindergarten onward, students build skills and self esteem as they are celebrated as compassionate competitors. Our sports program builds school spirit; students are proud to be Jaguars and represent St. Joseph in the broader Seattle community.

To learn more about our Athletics Program please email Elizabeth Steiner, Athletic Director

Cross Country (K-8) Season runs September-November, register in Summer/Fall

Soccer (K-8) Season runs September-November, register in Spring/Summer

Basketball (4-8) Season runs November-January or early February, sign-up in Fall

Volleyball (4-8) Season runs February-April, sign-up in Winter

Track and Field (4-8) Season runs April-May, sign-up in Winter