Welcome from the Head of School - St. Joseph School Seattle
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Welcome from the Head of School

It's a pleasure to introduce you to St. Joseph School, Seattle’s Jesuit parish grade school. Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, St. Joseph School has, from our beginning in 1907, provided a Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition, launching students who are growing, learning, loving, reverent, and just. Our students are also, perhaps most importantly, really good people who know how to look you in the eye, shake your hand, and have a good conversation.

St. Joseph School offers a holistic, progressive, Catholic education that educates our students’ hands, hearts, and minds. We build a strong foundation on which a life of learning, serving, and thinking can be built, unleashing the vast potential within each child.

We celebrate the individuality of each student, acknowledging the fact that each of us learns a bit differently. Our Learning Resource Center ensures our ability to offer an education that challenges our diverse student population and serves a broad scope of learners. Our classroom teachers, too, continue to hone their craft, knowing that with each new strategy they learn and each lesson they develop, they are helping their beautifully unique students unlock doors that previously may have remained closed.

I am humbled by the stories I continue to hear from students, alumni and parents. Our history is rich and grace-filled and I invite you to explore our website and plan a visit to the school to witness it first-hand.

Patrick Fennessy
Head of School