2022 STEAM Teams - St. Joseph School Seattle

2022 STEAM Teams

2022 ExploraVision 1st Place National Champions

Congratulations to our amazing STEAM teams who competed in the National ExploraVision Competition.

Our alumni team, Coronary Cure Bot won 1st place in the national competition in the 7-9th grade division. Each student won a $10,000 savings bond and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington DC for the national awards ceremony on June 3.

Our 2nd grade team, Hedera Helix won the regional title and competed in K-3 division for the national title. 

Three St. Joseph School teams won honorable mentions, awarded only to the top 10% of all submissions:

  • The Tork
  • Futuristic Dyslexia Glasses
  • The Diabetes Demolisher 

Congratulations to all our teams on another successful year!

Grades K-3

Team Members: Eduardo A., Greyson E., Andrew T., Alex T.
2022 Regional Winner

In the last couple of years we’ve learned about global warming, and since then we’ve been reading and researching about it. The more we read and learn about it, we feel we should be doing something to help our environment. One of the main effects of climate change is an increase in the number of natural disasters, such as: wildfires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, even the creation of new viruses. We believe that drones are powerful flying machines that can help our planet be cleaner and safer. That’s why we chose to invent the next generation drone that will use carbon dioxide as its main energy source. Another greenhouse gas that harms the earth is methane. The drone will keep our earth and ocean surface clean by picking up garbage, sorting it out and converting food scraps into fertilizer. It will also reduce harmful pollutants from the air (including viruses). The drone will include a system to detect if a natural disaster may happen and warn authorities and people.

Team Members: Meeko E, Oliver B., Luke M., Cora G.
2022 National Honorable Mention

50 million Americans have allergies. Some people don’t get sick, other people can get very sick, and some people can even die. Our vision is a smart fork senses allergies, harmful bacteria, and sickness. The fork brush tracks if your eating healthy. It also includes a toothbrush to keep our teeth and mouth healthy. We call our invention the “TORK”.

Team Members: Lali M., Nicky O., Lillian A., Nirbhuy A.

Team Members: Rainer G., Gracie B., Benjamin B.
Certificate of Achievement

Our vision is to invent a Robo Dog to help with global warming by removing CO2 from the air and turning into energy. Our dog will keep people safe and pick up garbage to keep our environment clean.

Robo dog uses robotics and artificial intelligence. Our dog will break down garbage with a special bacteria. The dog will have speaker, cameras, sensors, computer, and artificial intelligence.

Team Members: Kai S., Charlie W., Eitenne M., Cooper A.
Certificate of Achievement

Our problem is ocean pollution and it is a very important problem because sea animals are dying and it hurts the environment. There is a lot of reasons that the ocean is polluted. It is very significant problem because it has formed the great garbage patch. The great pacific garbage patch is a toxic soup.

Our Pollution Solution bot wants to change that by cleaning up the ocean and then smash all of the garbage. The ocean is getting polluted. We do not want this to happen because our oceans deserve better because they are home to many sea animals. The sea animals are looking for food and then they think that the plastic is food and eat it. We know that the sea animals do not deserve that. Our bot will help keep our oceans clean and our sea animals safe.

Grades 4-6

Team Members: Evan P., Paul S., Issac M., Maurice V.
National Honorable Mention

Team Members: William C., Porter M., Nathan M., Zachary G.
Certificate of Achievement

We are inventing a drone that looks for potential fires. The drone will initiate an emergency mode where it will take out a small cannon filled with the
stuff inside fire extinguishers to put out fires.

We are solving forest fires because trees take carbon from the air that turns into oxygen through photosynthesis. We need oxygen to breathe and live and too much carbon in the atmosphere is what's causing global warming and climate change. Climate change creates droughts in certain areas. Droughts make forest fires easier to happen which makes trees disappear allowing more carbon in the atmosphere.

Team Members: Max C., Leona C., Nora C., Sam K.
Certificate of Achievement

The current process for learning a second language is not very effective. Kids have a hard time developing this new skill because the process is not very engaging and there is usually not a lot of feedback. Our idea is to develop an immersive learning tool that will make learning a new language much easier and more fun for kids. The tool includes advanced hardware that you would wear like VR glasses that will use sensors and artificial intelligence to help provide guidance. The tool will connect you to a virtual learning environment that will be the digital platform where you can learn and practice your language skills.

Team Members: Gabby B., Violet B., Hazel M., Ellen W., Kate S.
Certificate of Achievement

Our vision is to make an armband (the NoNo Mosquito Armband or NNMA) that can repel mosquitoes so you don’t get malaria and if they do get past us, it can detect malaria before you show serious symptoms. Malaria is a sickness that you get from an infected mosquito. It’s a problem because it can be fatal, and symptoms only show weeks after you get the bite, which makes it harder to get treatment. We’re trying to make an armband that releases scents mosquitoes dislike, but humans find appealing like lavender. It has a built-in radar that senses when mosquitoes are around, and sprays out the scent. If you do get malaria, the armband can detect it before it causes serious illnesses. NNMA runs on your body heat, has waterproof fabric, and is lightweight. You don’t have to wear the band all the time, only in hot or humid weather.

Team Members: Patrick O., Alaia K., Charles L., Mo R.
Certificate of Achievement

Space junk is any piece of debris left in space by humans. This can be anything from dead satellites or pieces of machinery. Space junk orbits the Earth at an alarmingly fast speed, which could be problematic if it were to hit a satellite or space station. Even the tiniest piece of space junk has the power to inflict massive damage. This problem is important to solve because if space junk continues to accumulate around the Earth, it could prevent future space travel and take out satellites impacting communication. Our SJE (Space junk eradicator) is an autonomous spacecraft to pick and dispose of garbage using robotics, artificial intelligence, and solar thermal propulsion.

Team Members: Liv T., Hailey C., Claire B., Maddie C.
Certificate of Achievement

The problem we are trying to solve is plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is when plastic substances enter bodies of water such as rivers and oceans. One of our ideas we have come up with is a drone that detects microplastics and uses a special vacuum to suck it up, then the drone turns the microplastics into reusable plastic material.

Team Members: Avery M., Teo M., Max W.
Certificate of Achievement

The problem we are trying to solve is plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is when plastic substances enter bodies of water such as rivers and oceans. One of our ideas we have come up with is a drone that detects microplastics and uses a special vacuum to suck it up, then the drone turns the microplastics into reusable plastic material.

Team Members: Isa A., Alannah E., Dalia L.
Certificate of Achievement

Our vision is to invent a flea and tick brush for your pets. Animals can get fleas and ticks and bring them into your home. Ticks can cause many diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tick paralysis. Fleas are small wingless insects. They feed on the blood of mammals. Fleas should be removed from your pets regularly. Almost over 50% of animals carry fleas around causing problems for the animals and owners. Our invention will help you know if your animals have fleas and ticks.

Grades 7-9

Team Members: Henry L. Aura S., Rhys S., Arthur T.
National 1st Place Champion
Coronary Cure Bot site

Every year, 7.2 million people die from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) worldwide. In the U.S, 610,000 die a year from CHD, which is one in every four deaths. According to the World Health Organization, the world’s leading cause of death is heart disease. Our vision is to have a nanobot that can detect and eliminate heart disease before it takes a life. Our nanobot will be equipped with nano-biosensors, ultrasound, and artificial intelligence for early detection. To eliminate any problems within the arteries, we will leverage macrophages to remove plaque. The nanorobot will communicate using electromagnetic radio waves with a smart device such as a smartwatch which will provide information and a display for the user.